Choose AMPs to Deliver the Best in Class Mobile Experience to Your Users

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Choose AMPs to Deliver the Best in Class Mobile Experience to Your Users

AMPs are ‘A.M.P.’ and not ‘amp’.


As the users now prefer more of their web exploration on mobile platforms than ever before, the AMPs or Accelerated Mobile Pages are becoming popular and necessary for the brands that want to catch more attention and get more business from their users.


The name itself suggests what they do, so you don’t need to emphasize on the definition as such. Right now, just focus on the usage of AMPs and how they can deliver a better mobile experience to your users and benefit your business.


Accelerated Mobile Pages are fast-loading webpages which give an ultimate speedy experience to your users who are surfing your content on the mobile platforms.


Today, mobile surfing is quite high in comparison to desktop browsing so it is important to have AMPs to accelerate your web performance on the platforms where your users feel comfortable.


What if your mobile pages are not loading so quickly and you lack on this ‘speed-oriented’ performance?


You simply use some techniques to accelerate the speed of these pages and win over the speed of mobile web pages.


Here are some numbers that talk about the importance of fast loading webpages…


  • 40% of users close the web pages that take more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 53% of Google users close the search result links that take more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 47% of mobile users their links will open in just 2 seconds.


The accelerated mobile page (AMP) is an open-source project launched by Google to ensure everyone who is optimizing the mobile web pages can accelerate their mobile web speeds. The project is not owned by anyone right now and it is free to use.


Why do you need to use AMPs?


An important factor while considering using the Accelerated Mobile Page is the bounce rate if you are carrying SEO on your website. Using AMPs will serve the main purpose of reducing the bounce rate on your SEO optimized mobile webpages.


When you use AMP, you get various benefits like…


Better Performance and Engagement


Your mobile, as well as desktop webpages, load quickly and instantly providing your users with an engaging and smooth web experience.


Flexible Results


Brands developing the content and technology for the users have a flexible opportunity to maintain and improve their KPIs.


Improved Search Engine Rankings


It’s almost the year 2020 and mobile-friendliness must not be a concern while developing your SEO strategy. Although AMP is not a direct ranking factor, by using AMPs, you are allowing your website to have better mobile performance and responsive experience to your users.


Better Support for Advertisements


Using AMPs will avail you many opportunities for digital advertisements. Get ready for a wide network of technologies from major search engines and social media channels to improve your ROI.


How AMPs impact your SEO performance?


As SEO experts will guide you, the ultimate benefit of AMPs is for websites that produce and sell more content every day. Websites that produce news, articles and want to promote them on social media channels for quick clicks should use AMPs in order to get better SEO results.


So, start implementing AMP for your brand’s website and see how your traffic boosts or improves your web performance. Let us know if you experience any major improvements.

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