Get the right ASO strategy to make your app stand out in 2020

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Get the right ASO strategy to make your app stand out in 2020

Creating an app that helps your users and provides them ease at doing something is lucrative for you as always. And by always we mean, since the day smartphone technology embedded most of our functions in the small hand-held virtual platforms called ‘Applications’ or ‘Apps’.


Just creating and publishing your app doesn’t work for you, not even in the pandemic when everybody is stuck at home and using so many apps. You need to promote it with a technique called ‘App Store Optimization’.


2020 is actually a good time for you to invest in ASO or App Store Optimization techniques.


Why? Read on to know some interesting ASO tips for your app…


The development of mobile apps is not going to stop any sooner and the trend will be impacted with the app store optimization strategy you will implement for your app.


Why should you implement ASO strategy 2020 for your app?


  • To get organic installs
  • Keep relevancy
  • Increase revenues

If you have these goals in mind for your app, App Store Optimization is made for you and will offer you many benefits more than just getting downloads.


What are the goals you should have in mind before you start with your ASO strategy?

  • Improving download count
  • Getting positive app reviews and ratings
  • Engaging and interacting with the audience
  • Decreasing customer acquisition cost
  • Controlling the churn rate
  • Increasing monthly users
  • Increasing visibility in the App Store and Playstore
  • Enhancing the conversion rate
  • Getting benefits from other marketing channels like Social media, Press Releases, etc.


What things should be included in your 2020 App Store Optimization Strategy?

  • Promoting bundles in App Store & In-App purchases
  • Google Play Instant Apps benefits
  • Performing on keywords in ASO for an iOS App having featured cards, in-app purchases, and bundlers
  • Support for Siri shortcuts and dark mode on iOS 13
  • Getting an App or Game featured
  • Improving App’s average rating
  • Handling featured and negative reviews
  • Retaining users
  • Promoting mobile games and Apps outside the stores.

With a mix of goals and targets for your App Store Optimization in mind, which are the strategies you need to follow in 2020?

Strategically designed ways are always helpful for the app or game to promote on the app store and outside.

Here is a comprehensive look at the strategies you need to follow in 2020 in order to make your app stand out and make it shine!


  1. Optimizing the keywords and tracking their performance

  • Every keyword needs to be tracked after optimization in SEO; the same goes for the ASO strategy in 2020.
  • Neatly determining the keywords for App Store and Play Store will lead your app’s way to the top list.
  • It will be a wise decision for you to enhance the keywords on App pages to increase the visibility.


  1. Improving the app ranking and getting more installs

  • Various websites offer paid as well as free promotional opportunities for your app where you can post information about your app and game as well as get reviews for the same.

  • Working and taking care of reviews will portray you as a trusted App Developer.
  • Getting suggestions from your App users and working on them will help your clients to improve their apps and provide a seamless experience for an App.
  • These efforts will improve the image of your App, publicize it quickly on the internet and get you more installs.


  1. Increasing the retention rate

  • Improving Apps after continuously testing and auditing them increases the useability and functionality of that App.
  • In 2020, every App Store Optimizer needs to focus on the periodical audit of an App to control and improve usability and functionality.
  • The Audit also includes improving the Keywords and App Description in the future; you cannot keep them constant for longer times.
  • Retaining your App users and downloads will include offering them more features and make their tasks easier. You can also provide them with some promotional offers in order to retain them.


Which are the internal factors in the App that can be counted valuable in App Store Optimization?


  1. Keywords

Keywords are used by your users to find similar Apps like yours. Include keywords in your strategy that most commonly represents what your app is about.


Optimizing your description with the relevant and useful keywords will help your users to find you easily and then install your app if your app is really helping them.


You can use various online tools that help you understand which type of keywords your users are using to find you and help you find accurate keywords to rank easily.


  1. Icon

Icon or Logo of your app on the App Store or Playstore is the first-ever thing that pulls your users to install the App.


App Icon still attracts the most users because of its beauty. So, create your App Icon to be more impactful which can portrait what and why your app does the things it offers.


  1. App Name

Although it is on display, it comes under an internal ASO strategy. App Name is where you need to put your keywords first but do take care by not changing the keyword(s) so frequent or you might lose the ranking and visibility.


  1. Description

The description is the most important part of your App Store Optimization strategy. Use simple words to define what your app provides and how it can bring ease to the users.


Enter social mentions, social proofs, and benefits of your app which will engage your new users. It would be better if your App Description is in a conversational tone, it will bring an emotional tone and convert more users.


  1. Screenshots

Only a few customers go further 2 screenshots from your list; remember this thing while you add screenshots on the stores. Design your screenshots in a way that displays the overall view of your App’s functionality and usability.


  1. ASO Video Strategies

Video is engaging, always include an App or Game video to the App page to increase your app installs. And here’s how ASO videos strategy comes to your help.


Include the best possible features and add the video in the middle of your screenshot list.


  1. Call to Actions

Be them your screenshots, description or video, always include engaging Call to Actions to improve your installs and increase your users.


Pro ASO Tips to Improve your App visibility in 2020:


  1. Choose your category wisely
  2. Get more targeted traffic by localizing your App listings
  3. Run analysis of your competitors’ App, know what things they got benefited from and learn from the positive as well as negative things
  4. Use clear language to connect with your customers
  5. Improvise.


Are you currently developing or own an App and confused about what it takes to promote your app in the online jargon?


Evincera has a dedicated team of App Store Optimizers which know more than these mentioned tricks. Want to know more? Drop us an email at and get yourself a quote for ASO strategy development for your app.

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