Cancelled Trade Shows due to Corona Virus Outbreak? There Are Better Alternatives

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Cancelled Trade Shows due to Corona Virus Outbreak? There Are Better Alternatives

Amidst the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus, the lives of the population around the globe are totally disrupted. On 9th March 2020, when we were writing this, there were 111,284 confirmed cases with 3,892 deaths reported.


While the world is trying to reduce the impact by taking proper precautions and limit its spread, the impact of this virus is strongly upon the global businesses and economy all around the world which is a challenging thing for businesses when nobody was prepared for the situation.


Limitations in travel


Both mandatory and voluntary travels are affected due to the virus outbreak and industries like airlines, hotels and local transportation are disturbed and some of them are just idle. Imagine the impact on exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences have also been made a notable number of events to be cancelled with none of the attendees and sponsors able to make refunds with the organizers referring possible claimants to the force 


majeure clause in their contracts.


The hosts of the Mobile World Congress are not the only people to stop bunches of people from gathering in restrained spaces. 


In fact, here are some of the major international events that are shut down amidst the chaos:


  • Facebook Global Marketing Summit in San Francisco
  • Facebook F8 in San Jose, California
  • EmTech, Asia in Singapore
  • Google News Initiative Global Summit in Sunnyvale, California
  • Shopify’s developer conference, Unite, in Toronto


Other international events cancelled include:


  • ITB Berlin
  • Dubai Boat Show


Well, refunds are a real headache for many, the main impact of these cancelled events are on the companies who are solely dependent on the trade shows, exhibitions and conferences to spread their businesses. The primary consequence of this disruption is on the reduced potential sales opportunities, which naturally may be significantly impacting business performance and growth.


Everybody is just wishing to bring an end to the virus so that everything could be just come to the normality but it’s not happening any suddenly!


So, how can businesses still generate new sales?


The B2B businesses relying on trade and industry events are still finding new options until the Covid-19 is fully stopped, the increase in travel is still a risk for people, which should be considered thoroughly. But the events must not stop. Here are some of the options businesses must consider for lead generation:


Investing in Digital Marketing


Well, it’s not possible to present their ideas in events, buyers still need to focus on online marketing methods where they can meet their clients and suppliers in a virtual place. Businesses must, therefore, think about investing in advertising on Google advertising and SEO.


Digital conferencing and webinars

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As business travels are reduced to the levels, companies are turning to technology which helps them meet the gap of distance between their sales teams and potential customers. Suppliers should increase their budget for creating content that can be used in digital conferencing. It could be short product videos and explainer presentations.


Email marketing


As more people are going to stay at homes or secure office places, traditional email marketing would help them with spreading quality and relevant messages. Modern-day email marketing ways would help businesses communicate with each other in a secure environment.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


One of the best-kept secrets of marketing, ABM or Account-Based Marketing allows businesses to reverse-engineer the prospecting and sales by selecting specific entities with relevant and highly-custom messages.


If your business was planning to participate in a certain trade show, our team at Evincera knows how we can replace it with the digital marketing methods and still create a positive impact on your lead generation. Talk to our members today!


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