Change Your Content GamePlan with Google Analytics Behaviour Reports

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Change Your Content GamePlan with Google Analytics Behaviour Reports

A simple question, why do you use Google Analytics really?


Is it just because you need to understand the actions taken by your users on your websites?


Did you know, you can use Google Analytics Reports to optimize and create your content? 


We are going to explain to you better and in detail.


Creating content is an art, marketing that content is a science and analyzing whether that content is performing is a real ‘tuff’ activity hardly anyone does these days.


Tracking your content will allow you to measure if your content marketing strategy is worth investing in or whether you need to change your strategy if it’s not successful.


We are presenting you with a simple tool you use already and it’s nothing but Google Analytics.


Here, in this write-up, you will get information on:


  1. How Google Analytics can be your best content partner?
  2. How to get detailed reports from Google Analytics for your content pieces?
  3. What are Content Groups in Google Analytics?
  4. Types of content report you will be getting from the Google Analytics
  5. How to measure content marketing ROI with Google Analytics Reports?


How you can use Google Analytics for your content optimization?


39% of content marketers have said that they are somehow comfortable with measuring the ROI of their content marketing efforts.


With Google Analytics Reports in your hands, you get a bunch of data regarding your content marketing plans.


The data you get is related to the following pointers:


  • Which content type is more popular?
  • What’s a suitable time to publish your content?
  • What are the best performing content formats?
  • Best times when people visit your blog or website
  • Is your content giving you real leads?


When you receive answers to these questions, you can form a better content strategy.


How to prepare your Google Analytics account for Content Marketing?


You will need a unique tracking code for every piece of content you will be publishing on your website while publishing.


Get to the Admin tab in the property column and find the Tracking Code under ‘Tracking Info’.


Get that code and add it to the head of every page on your content piece.


After you install this code on the web page or blog, you can start taking the benefits of Google Analytics.


How to get detailed reports from Google Analytics for your content pieces?


To get the best out of your content strategy and Google Analytics, you need to set up some goals.


Once you install the code on your web-page, you can start tracking some key things on your content pieces. You will get a detailed view of Visitors on your website or whether those users have visited before.


What are Content Groups in Google Analytics and how to use them?


About two years ago, Google announced that Content Groups will be one of their features on the Dashboard. This feature allows you to group certain content types and get a view of every group separately.


So, it becomes necessary to create groups before you start creating any reports. All reports will be filtered according to your preferences in the Content Groups.


Types of content report you will be getting from the Google Analytics


There are 100s of different types of reports you will be getting from Google Analytics. Regarding the content marketing efforts, you will get 8 types of Google Analytics Reports.


  1. Audience Reports


The first report is all about people or visitors on your website. In these reports, you get information about it… 




Know your audience in categories like Age, Gender, Language, Location, and Interests.


The demographics of your audience will help you understand and mould your content according to their needs and requirements.




By checking the number of active users and repeat visitors will guide you to get the idea of loyal users of your users.


  1. Acquisition Reports


The acquisition tab gives you information on people and their origin. You can determine which platform to use to distribute your content. For this, you need to make sure you have set up your conversion goals properly.


If you have done some other efforts, you can determine which platform is performing better for your content, is that your guest post, social media post or something else?


  1. Behavior Reports


Behavior reports are what prove a game-changer for your content strategy through Google Analytics. The behavior tab in Analytics Account will suggest you some indications on how your visitors are behaving on the website.


In the behavior tab, you will get some detailed information on how your users are taking actions on your website which includes:


  • Average time spent on your web pages and content pages.
  • Are these people using your search bar?
  • Total visitors and page views for every single web page
  • Time spent on each page
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit pages


Further, you can optimize your content more strategically after you know how visitors are behaving with your content.


How to measure content marketing ROI with Google Analytics Reports?


They say content marketing is the notorious thing that doesn’t allow people to track the ROI.


It’s not possible that users just read your blog post, and then purchase your product or subscribe to your service.


Around 50% of readers will read more than 5 blog posts before converting to a paying customer.


With Google Analytics Reports, you can:


  • Understand and track where your leads are coming from
  • Figure out which parts of your content pages are having the most traffic
  • Know what’s responsible for your highest ROI
  • Understand the exact trend or theme of your blog post
  • Bring ease in your systems.




Everything mentioned here in this article serves the behavior of your user, how they are reading the content piece, from where they are coming from and much more.


Start with your Google Analytics account and start exploring various functions mentioned here and more. We are sure you will find some more exciting and useful features of Google Analytics for content marketing. Let us know what features of Google Analytics Reports you to find more helpful for your brand.

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