Check out how Digital Marketing is changing the current scenario of Plastic Surgery clinics

plastic surgery marketing

Check out how Digital Marketing is changing the current scenario of Plastic Surgery clinics


Out of 100 medical tourism trips around the world, 33 are for getting plastic surgery or aesthetic procedure treatment.


Are you one of the plastic surgery clinics where you welcome patients from different regions?


Get ready for the New Year because it’s going to be a revolutionary for your business if you adopt the right digital marketing techniques.


How digital marketing will change the face of your plastic surgery clinic?


Almost every plastic surgery marketing technique has an identical strategy to promote their business. We believe in becoming a one-stop-agency of digital marketing for a plastic surgery clinic.


Here’s Evincera’s approach for digital marketing for plastic surgeons for the upcoming year…


First, we identified the challenges this industry is facing


  • Stringent regulations

It’s not good to portrait ‘body-shame’ in plastic surgery marketing. Using before-after images needs to be discreet. Online advertisements need to feature every gender and not just females. While developing the plastic surgery marketing strategy, we take care of every regulation and rule featuring in your region.


  • The tone of plastic surgery marketing

We talked with many patients and clients seeking plastic surgery and they preferred not to choose a plastic surgery clinic that has an unprofessional tone of marketing because they seemed to be providing fast cheap and unsafe plastic procedures. We have pure knowledge of how the right message attracts your more clients to your business as well as increases your credibility on search engines and social media platforms.


  • Trust building factors

Foreign patients traveling abroad for plastic surgery are now much aware of the clinics that provide authentic procedures and services; they are now aware of the fact that there are some facilities that have horror stories in plastic surgery. So, building trust with right patient reviews, video testimonials, and elements that convince your prospects are now more than important and must-have things on your website as well as search engine features like Google My Business.


So, what are the digital tactics you will need to achieve success for your plastic surgery clinic?


Not a surprise anymore! 


You need a strong and attractive website if you want to be on the internet when your prospects are in search for the services you are providing.


Why your plastic surgery clinic website is so important?


Almost every transaction is happening online. Almost every search query backs with an intend to avail services. If you don’t have a website with detailed information about your offerings and your credible identity, you are already losing the business. 


Your website is a part of your clinic or we can say, it’s your online clinic which will pull potential clients to your clinic.


But, just having a website doesn’t suffice your online plastic surgery marketing; it will also need beautiful content and visuals to make your business more trustworthy.


For website development, design and content curation, you can easily rely on Evincera.


Check out the variety of services offered at Evincera here…


What’s with the trust factors?


Today, there are people everywhere searching for services online. They now trust online platforms more than anything else. If your online plastic surgery clinic has a trusted image, you will automatically get more business in the form of clicks, leads, and inquiries.


This trust can be gained with the help of reviews, testimonials, and ‘Before & after’ results of your previous cases. 


At Evincera, our Online Reputation Managers know the importance of these trust factors and they will help you resolve the negative reviews you have got along the way or provide you tactics that can handle your online image to be cleaner.


‘Before & after’ results make a great trust factor. When prospects have a detailed look at your previous work, they will easily trust you and will contact you for the services they are in need of.


Content has the advantage


Content is the never-ending process. You will have to write about the services you are offering in the plastic surgery world and manage to educate the current as well as prospect patients about the latest technology you are offering or interesting stories you have along the way of your entire practice.


We help you build an ultimate content strategy that will include:


  • Blogging


  • Infographic Making


  • Creative Photos 


  • Engaging Videos


Spreading content through these mediums will create your image as a knowledgeable, expert and experienced plastic surgery clinic.


Social Media is an ultimate Adhesive for your digital marketing strategy for a plastic surgery clinic


Especially women are influenced by the plastic surgery results when they find them on social media platforms. 


2020 brings you a micro-influencer strategy that will bring you more clients through social media platforms. Are any of your clients comfortable sharing their photos that you can post on your social media platforms? 


They can post their before & after photos on social media, tagging you for the surgery credits and believe us, this thing works like a charm.


If not, we have a list of social media influencers interested to associate with your brand. We will handle this influencer marketing on your behalf in the New Year!


Our social media team dedicates itself for your plastic surgery brand and makes it interesting and interactive as much as possible.


We hardly use any automation tool when it comes to ‘talking’ to your prospects through social media which makes it more organic, alive and awesome.


Email marketing for plastic surgeons


Automated emails with the same and boring message don’t work anymore. People need personalized experience and we always deliver it. 


We make your brand talk with your customers through emails. Continuously updating them about your new techniques, advancements and your achievements will make them aware of the brand and further bring you more business through this professional medium of marketing.


The present is the best time to market your brand through digital mediums, so why wait for the New Year to bring it on? Let’s start plastic surgery digital marketing at the earliest!


Contact us to know more about how we can develop a digital strategy for your plastic surgery clinic.


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