Common but Serious Questions Potential SEO Clients are Going to Ask You


Common but Serious Questions Potential SEO Clients are Going to Ask You

As a leading and growing Digital Marketing agency in Pune, we at Evincera have answered around hundreds of SEO related questions, our clients ask us, these are common questions in SEO RFP which a digital Marketing Agency must cover at the time of proposal.


It is a common picture that client doesn’t know about the technicalities involved in the SEO services and this is totally normal. They have all the rights to ask us questions (some of them are really dopey) but as they don’t have any idea about that particular concept, they are going to ask you as an agency and you must answer them in a sophisticated manner.


For clients, looking to grow their business online, finding a right SEO agency in a tricky task and once they find the right one, they start bombarding all the questions. Yes, this is a fact, they will ask questions and every digital marketing agency has to answer and clear the fog to get started.


Here are some essential questions you need to prepare for before you send an SEO RFP or right after you send it.


1.Questions related to approach, strategy, and analysis


  • What will be your overall approach to the creation of SEO strategy?
  • What is your typical SEO roadmap?
  • What SEO strategies do you think are effective for the current scenario with us? How will they beneficial for us? Are there any disadvantages?
  • Describe the opportunities for us in SEO perspective.
  • Can you provide us a market assessment of SEO at the current scene? Are there any trends we should be concerned with over the next few years?


2. On-page related queries


  • What is your approach of conducting keyword research and validation of our keywords?
  • How do you know which keywords will be effective for us?
  • What is your approach to ongoing keyword targeting strategy?
  • What is your approach on assessment of the current website structure and on-site factors in SEO point of view?
  • Why did you recommend for structural improvements for favorable SEO exposure?
  • Will you be able to provide specific technical guidance to our development team for the possible changes that affect SEO?
  • What is your approach to developing the SEO optimized content?


3. Off-page related questions


  • What are the different strategies you use to improve rankings using the off-page activities?
  • What are major off-page activities you will be focusing for our website?


4. Mobile and Local SEO related queries


  • Is there any facility to test and optimize SEO for mobile platforms?
  • What measures do you take to optimize SEO locally?


5. Tools and Reporting (Important)


  • What tools do you use to deliver these services?
  • What is your baseline position in analysis capabilities?
  • What information do you track for SEO? What are the techniques you use for it?
  • Is there any online dashboard to report this information on timely (weekly/monthly) basis?
  • Can you show us some samples of your SEO performance reports?
  • What will be your frequency of ongoing updates and account management including resources, meetings, and calls to our teams to review project status, activities, and next steps?


Other than these, the client is also going to ask you agency-related questions in which, they will try to know you personally. Some questions related to pricing which will be a crucial part to handle too.


Some business owners like to ask some vague questions too, just to see how you think and give priority to their strategies. For agencies, just understand that such simple but explanatory questions will be important and you need to understand the depth of these questions by stepping into the clients’ shoes.

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