Content Audit in 2020 – Quirks and Perks You Should Know About!

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Content Audit in 2020 – Quirks and Perks You Should Know About!

2020 started so calm, we did not even think about what’s coming after us, and now that we are writing this at the fresh start of May, we are still confused about what will be the situations ahead. Things are indeed uncertain for the entire world. 


The bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, and now COVID-19; the world is surrounded by these notorious calamities but as advanced creatures, we tend to come over any such calamity as the history speaks for itself. We will get over this pandemic too. But it surely will take some time.


Businesses and Pandemic


So, looking at the business scenario, it has become more of a survival situation than spending unnecessarily on development and investing in wasteful resources. 


For business owners, marketing has become a whole different picture. 


For those with non-essential category business, it has become a tight situation as buyers and customers have literally turned their backs. The reasons are different but valid. 


So, how can they prepare for a better future which is not so far? Experts say the whole world will resume its operations by the end of this year. 


This may not mean that businesses will be shut forever. You need to keep them running smoothly and hence, there are some steps you should be taking RIGHT NOW to easily get out of this mess.


Marketing Preparations


Marketing doesn’t always mean advertising and promoting your products and services in front of your customers and convince them to buy!


Some marketing techniques are meant to turn your business into a more profitable model.


Content Marketing


Content marketing is one of the models you may have adopted before the pandemic started and we are sure, it’s going to help your business while it’s on and when we are over with it.


To successfully run your content marketing campaigns while in the lockdown situation and to make them fruitful after everything is back on track, you need to have a website content audit in place.


Content Audit


A website content audit is a process of checking your content for possible errors, mistakes, the scope of improvement and optimization. This audit checks if the content is in line with the SEO efforts too. So we can call it an SEO content audit as well.


The SEO content audit helps you understand the optimization efforts and their relevancy with your business objectives. When in place, a website content audit will help you find any gaps in your published content so you get a chance to adjust the efforts and better serve your audience.


How do you get it done?


A successful SEO content audit comprises of the following steps:


  • Creating a list of all the published content. This list will serve an important purpose in getting things in one place. You will understand the level of optimization and its quality.
  • Get a track of how successful your content was, including your webpages and keywords. You can also study how different content materials were successful at different stages.
  • Understand your buyer journey and check if your current content aligns with the same. Now that the pandemic has been the main reason in changing buyer behavior, you might need to include a right message in your content, Doing this will help you how it will affect your business and how you can control it.
  • Check how well your content assets align with your business functions, including social media, PR, customer services, and SEO. An organization looking out to be an industry leader will stretch its content on different platforms to provide a clear online user experience.
  • Is your site well-organized? Your users need to see sites with easy navigation as they need the information quickly and easily. Search engines also check this thing while ranking it.
  • Finally, look out for what things are missing in your content, you should carefully check where you lack and what you need to do about it to boost your marketing performance.


Now that you know how to run a website content audit for your website, you need to know why an SEO content audit is a must thing for your website…


With the above-mentioned process, you will get to know what kind of content you have and how you need to work on it, how it aligns with your buyers’ journey and how it impacts on the growth of your business. You can use such insights while improving the future of your marketing strategy as well.


Here are 3 Main Insights you need to examine with your SEO Content Audit:


  • Is your content aligning with the needs of your buyers/users? How well is it doing? Is your content satisfying the buyer journey right from the introduction to conversion or are there any gaps between you need to fill?
  • Is your content able to attract the right people? But is it enough? Sometimes, readers with a great interest in your content might visit your website but don’t convert, this happens because they are not the ideal customers of the brand.
  • Is every piece of your content has an attractive headliner? Even if you have interesting and valuable information in the content, a great title would do magic for your content. Great titles for the content attract more customers and users to the content.


To conclude with the great content audit write-up, here are some of the amazing benefits of getting it in the place:


  • Finding the problems lied within your content
  • Scope of improvement and generating ideas for new content according to the trends
  • Identifying the content gaps
  • Evaluating the content quality
  • Better SEO performance
  • Improved organic visibility
  • Stronger content
  • Enhanced usability
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Brand development


Do you want help with the Content Audit?


Getting the help of an expert content marketer will surely facilitate your brand with improving your content marketing efforts.


At Evincera we believe that businesses should provide content that helps their audience in one or many ways.


Since you are busy with nothing these days, why not focus on improving your brand content? Get in touch with us and we will help you prepare for after-pandemic marketing efforts for your brand.

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