Coronavirus & Digital Strategy: Here are some quick changes you need to make!

Coronavirus & DM

Coronavirus & Digital Strategy: Here are some quick changes you need to make!

Coronavirus & Digital Strategy:


Look around yourself, almost the entire planet is shut down to flatten the curve of the deadly COVID-19 disease. The novel Coronavirus causing this disease is responsible for disrupting our lives and businesses are affected by a pandemic caused by this virus.


Small, medium, large, and even multinational brands are shaken due to this outbreak. 


WHO and Government Authorities are trying their best to spread words about this virus and how one should take care of them amidst the pandemic.


Raw material supply is frozen, production is on halt as labor cannot join the facilities in order to maintain social distancing and self-isolation. The entire economy is in a maze and we don’t know when this will get over. Some of the top pharmaceutical, healthcare, and lifestyle brands are busy finding a vaccine for this deadly disease and we are sure they will get success in the near future.


As for the businesses, customers are not currently actively looking for non-essential products and services as cash flow has been showing a downfall.


So, as a business owner, how could you survive the pandemic and retain more customers even if they have lowered their interest in your brand?


This post will help business owners, decision-makers, marketing professionals, as well as internal sales teams.


Upgrading the Digital Marketing Game


Businesses were investing in digital marketing even when the pandemic was not here. But for many, the online world was a small portion of their entire marketing model. Old school ways such as marketing events and word of mouth were occupying the major portion. These traditional ways have miserably failed when the outbreak came into the picture. Trade shows got canceled and almost every individual is inside.


Even when they are staying inside, their patterns of buying have changed. Their interests are changing and more people are inclined towards essential products and services rather than leisure and luxury.


This doesn’t mean customers are gone forever, they have just moved their venues. From person-to-person or in-person marketing the ways have migrated to digital. And believe us, some businesses are taking advantage of this online influx.


Whether you’ve been investing in popular digital marketing methods, this is the right time to upgrade your digital game.


The important thing here to notice is keeping in mind that customers are staying at homes for a while and techniques like search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and influencer marketing are going to play a big role while molding your marketing strategy or upgrading it.


Eventually, everything is going to be normal and these techniques are going to help your brand soar new heights when the pandemic is over. But even when the pandemic is over, online marketing is indeed going to play a big role in driving new customers for you.


How are you responding?


While the cancellation of such large scale trade shows means things are getting virtual and your brand needs to adapt them. As more people are staying inside, your brand needs to be present in their hands i.e. mobiles and PCs.


How can you adjust your Digital Strategy to cope up with the changing Consumer Behavior?


Leave those Campaigns on hold


Are you still running advertising and marketing campaigns for your brand? Are you serious about these campaigns?


Our digital marketing experts say paid or even organic advertising campaigns are not going to help you any sooner. STOP them immediately.


So, you might ask, what kind of advice is this?


We suggest you focus on some of the vital marketing supplements for your brand rather than these campaigns. Here we explain to you…


Communication Strategy


Its time to develop a more robust content and communication strategy for your non-essential business. These brands need to deliver accurate information and highlight the efforts made by authorities to curb the virus. This is a good time to develop new connections and deliver them your products and services which they might choose in the future.


Never use any fear-tactics and misleading information but be friendly to your customers so that even in the pandemic, those who are able may buy your non-essential products if you are able to deliver them.


Adjusting the Digital Marketing Strategy


As brick & mortar businesses are shut down, its time to change your digital strategy. Considering this change will help your brand get a firm marketing presence and will make your brand’s lifeline easier even after the crisis. 


Here are our suggestions on changing digital marketing strategies


  1. Enhancing your Presence


Think about a website redesign or have you given a thought on enhancing the functionality of your website. Consider your competitors for a while, search them, how are they presenting their website? You can do better. Are you into the eCommerce business? Now is the time to deliver your customers with efficiency so that they can stick with your brand even in the longer run.


Introduce new technology while your business is on neutral gear:


  • Personalization
  • Instant chat functionality
  • Product Configurators
  • Augmented Reality


Now is the time to enhance your digital footprint and your website is the main step. Prepare your website for better user experience.


  1. Social Media Activities


This is the right to keep going with the social media activities as your customer base is more active on these platforms. Engaging your customers and staying with them in these times will help you make more connections. 


Social media activities will also help you keep your clients informed about your brand, how you are responding positively to pandemic situations.


  1. Engaging Customers with Emails


We all are getting relentless emails in the past few days about how businesses are responding to the novel Coronavirus pandemic and if you are not done it yet, its time to launch a soft promotional email campaign for your past as well as potential clients.


Since you cannot meet them in person, the digital way of email marketing is a good choice for you. If your brand has some videos to share which you can create at homes, this is the right to deliver those videos via emails. 


You can even promote your YouTube or other video platform channel in these times.


Email marketing will help your brand by getting more connections and promoting your products and services in the long run. Emails are kept in the necessary folders by users to use them in the future,  


  1. SEO as a Savior


You must be having a close look at the rankings, searches, and clicks on your website. the global pandemic has changed the way people are searching for your business on Google and other search engines. Ensure you are looking at the keyword rankings and organic traffic during these tough times.


Continue your search engine ranking efforts to find new opportunities with new content that should be aligned with the search queries on the internet. Also considering Google trends will help you get a detailed fluctuation in the search volume for target keywords.


Finally, start monitoring the competition for their SEO progress and how they are adapting the new changes on their websites.


Wrapping up


Every business will observe a financial hit due to COVID-19 and at this point, you need to focus on positioning your brand with the trusted information and making long-lasting connections.


It’s also important for you to create and change your marketing strategy according to the latest trends and coping up with consumer behavior.


If you are still confused about how you can achieve it, contact our team of digital experts and we will guide you with the right strategy. In these tough times, we are also providing you some freebies. Contact us to know more…

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