Coronavirus is Not Affecting Businesses if They Follow Certain Smart Steps of SEO & Marketing

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Coronavirus is Not Affecting Businesses if They Follow Certain Smart Steps of SEO & Marketing

COVID-19 or the new Coronavirus was first found in Wuhan, Hubei, China and is still spreading around the world gradually. Although testing kits are made available, the number of cases is still popping up around the world. As the WHO keeps closely monitoring the situation and providing necessary instructions and help, we need to trust the information from reliable sources only and not believe in rumors coming from social platforms.


Amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus, the entire world is shocked and the business world is also not an exception to this wave.


If extensive quarantine goes into impact in the different regions across the world, will your business survive the Coronavirus?


The economic impact of Coronavirus Pandemic


If communities around your areas are experiencing an outbreak, local businesses are likely to be the first ones to feel the economic impact of this worldwide pandemic. Your regular customers are likely to be staying at homes either to self-isolate or to avoid reaching out in public places where the virus might be still there.


If you have a business dependent on supplies or inventory coming from China, you are likely to be affected as the supply chain in China is greatly affected due to factories shut down or employees being in quarantine. It is estimated that China might have lost trillion dollars due to this outbreak and most businesses won’t survive out of COVID-19.


If you think your business is affected due to COVID-19 or might get affected in the near future because of places being shut down and people staying at homes, you can still reach out to them.


Here’s how…


You can still minimize the economic impact on your business and maintain your operations up and running if you plan ahead. With a plan coupled with impactful digital marketing strategies, you can still take advantage of new technologies, markets, and platforms.


Here’s a quick plan for your business to survive in the Coronavirus Outbreak


  1. Recovering from the losses
  2. Preventing losses
  3. Reaching out to potential customers
  4. Attracting them to your business
  5. Retain them even after the outbreak is over.


It is estimated that the Coronavirus impact will remain till the end of May, but we think this is a good opportunity for your business if it’s been affected. We think your business gets at least 2 months in hand to leverage the opportunity and bring your customers staying at homes virtually to buy your products or services.


Smart Digital Marketing will save your business in worse conditions out there…


It may happen that your business has to be shut for days or weeks, so now is the time to plan for how you can get through the dangerous situations if you want to shine brightly after the events are normal.


Instead of meeting your clients or holding daily discussions with your employees, you can simply use technology to meet them virtually over a video call or teleconferencing.


It will be a wise decision if you keep your marketing spend low on unnecessary mediums and boost your organic reach in COVID-19 situations. You can also avoid overhead expenses on Ads and focus on fruitful techniques like:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Posting
  • Content Marketing


You might ask why…


  • Search Engine Optimization – Leverage the benefit of boosting your website’s rankings while most of your competitors are seating idle and thinking about the next marketing strategies. You can take the help of an SEO agency like Evincera to create an SEO strategy for you within limited time. Investing a part of your marketing budget in SEO strategy will prepare your brand’s identity on search engines, and when the pandemic is over, you can simply be in front of your audience when they start their normal lives.


  • Email Marketing – While the world is staying in isolation, Email is the safest way to reach out to them with your message. We help you create an email marketing strategy that soft-sells your products and services your clients can enjoy at their homes. 


  • Social Media Posting – While media networks are filled with information that might frighten people, be a thought leader by strategically providing valid information about the virus and along with that, sell your products and services which can be useful in pandemic situations. If people are working from home, they might need many things like entertainment, groceries, essentials, local supplies and many more. If your business has these things to deliver, you can certainly take the benefit.


  • Content Marketing – The importance of content marketing is rising since the outbreak started. People need someone to be with them on the online platforms providing them advice and moral support that your brand can provide. If they trust you in the bad times, they will surely recall you in the fresh start. Evincera’s team of content marketing experts guide you on how you can spread the right content in these stressful situations and help you in the long term.


To start with this strategy, you need to take care of a few things:


  • Remove Ad campaigns or suspend them which no longer make sense at this time. There’s no need to spend on ad campaigns that invite your customers, they are not coming out any sooner.
  • Spend quality time researching your competitors and their current marketing strategies.
  • Think about how you can provide what you are offering right now faster and at your customers’ doorsteps.
  • Utilize video calls and conferencing for sales pitching.
  • Think about a new way of offering your products and services. YouTubers and TikTokers are leveraging these situations, why can’t you?
  • Get back to the basics of SEO marketing.
  • Start boosting your website’s organic reach by updating H1 headers, webpage titles, and meta tags.
  • Refreshing your webpage content with the latest information and coupling them with updated backlinks will keep your brand at the top line.
  • Create your brand credibility by building your organic search traffic.
  • Outsource your marketing efforts to the agencies and people who are not yet affected by the pandemics and taking care by working in isolation.


As we said before, this is the right time to beat your competition while they are worried about the situation. 


We cover all your marketing goals while you need to prepare for the business you will need to provide once the situations get back on feet.


At Evincera, our experts are available at your help while the world is confused with the situations. Our clients love our support for them in the situations and we are ready to take on some new and exciting projects.


Want to hear more? Drop us an email about your marketing hurdles in the Coronavirus Outbreak and we will provide you with a strategy that works during and after the pandemics.


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