Growing Your Law Practice in 2021 – The Digital Way

Growing Your Law Practice in 2021 – The Digital Way


The digital is the present, it’s the future. Be it your standalone practice or a firm you are working at, digital marketing in 2021 has to be your differentiating factor in order to stand out and shine in your competition.


Your great practice needs to be highlighted in the places where your potential clients are searching for the services that you offer. So how would you do that in 2021 when everything is changing and still your practice needs new clients?


Since the last decade, sourcing new clients for your practice has shifted and the busiest law practitioners have seen using digital marketing methods. To stay visible to your potential new clients, you need to have a strong lawyer marketing strategy handy throughout this new year. Unlike online advertising, SEO is cost-effective yet productive for your business.


Confused about where to start? No matter where you practice, we have some key methods for your practice to flourish in the online space.

Growing Your Law Practice in 2021

Start with a website

Your website is where your online presence starts. Your clients need to see you and the website is the most sophisticated way to gain more clients. Whether you are advertising your business online or not, you need a website.

Growing Your Law Practice in 2021

Did you know, 97% of your clients are searching for a lawyer website? And if you don’t have one, you are probably invisible to them.


A good looking, faster loading, and user-friendly website will introduce your business in front of your clients and provide the necessary information they are looking for. You need a professional designer and developer to make your website attractive in overall appearance and experience. If you have a UX designer on your side, it will be another perk.


75% of legal clients judge the quality of the practitioner or firm by the appearance of the website they have.


Talking about another perk due to UX designers on your side, after you build a website, it’s time to focus on that user experience. Your site needs to be scalable. Scalability is your site’s ability to grow – even if you’ll have an unexpected spike in traffic, it should withstand the scope. A strong server would help you make your website scalable.


A professional SEO agency will consider your website to be on priority before anything – if you decide to hire one.


We have seen many practitioners still considering a Facebook profile or Instagram account as their face on the internet, but ignore the importance of a website. Even in 2021, lawyers need a website as everything else in pulling the right customer to practice is dependent on it.


Using the power of SEO for your law practice


SEO is Search Engine Optimization which literally highlights your website in the search engine results using specialized bots called – ‘crawlers’ that crawl your website when relevant & matching search query is put by the user in the search box. Optimizing your website with proper settings, content, and technical changes will attract these crawlers to your website and decide the position of your website for such queries.

Growing Your Law Practice in 2021

Why does SEO matter for your law business?


The best matches to search queries usually appear on the first page of the search results which is where most of your targeted users land and stop their search. Beyond the third page, your law firm website may be invisible so having a strong SEO strategy for your law practice is indeed irreplaceable.


A little trick here is mentioning your area of expertise in the law and the local area where your office is. Mentioning the specific area will help you get the local attention in search engines’ scope. You can create a separate page for Frequently Asked Questions about your legal services in order to feature in search engines’ special sections like featured snippets or ‘People Also Ask’. For example: Google Algorithms love questions answer format and thus, if you are answering user queries in your website content, you will be preferred mostly by the algorithms.


Content marketing for law firms in 2021


For a general-purpose, content marketing can be considered only about a blog or an article but it’s beyond that. Content marketing is about different types of content spread across multiple platforms to altogether gather attention to your website or business. Other than external platforms, your website also needs to have multiple sections to explain what exactly you offer, where you offer, the field you specialize in, your hours of operations, bar association status, and other detailed information.

Content marketing for law firms in 2021

The more informative content you have, the more your potential customers / visitors will stay on your website and keep engaged. Although, blogs and articles on your website will help search engines to decide whether to allow you certain rankings or not.


Content marketing is like a fuel station for your SEO bandwagon. Search engines love relevant, fresh, and unique content, and your efforts will reflect in rankings you’ll get after some time you’ll finish publishing such content. If you are an expert blogger, you can write this content all by yourself but if you are busy, you can easily hire an agency that provides content writing services and get the job done in a professional manner.


So these are 3 main factors for your law practice to shine in search engines:
1. Website
2. SEO
3. Content Marketing
And further, you need allied elements to maintain your online presence intact…


1. Online Reviews


Reviews from your clients help your prospects make a better decision.
About 90% of your prospects will read online reviews before making a decision and 88% of customers trust these reviews as a personal recommendation. Your prospects prefer Google and other websites to read reviews about your website. So, having positive reviews about your business from your past or current clients is a part of organic advertising of your legal practice / firm.

Online Reviews

2. Google My Business


Successful law firms have effective Google My Business profile – that too a well maintained one. Your law firm needs a Google My Business profile with proper reviews, photos of your office, your team activities, and detailed information about your operations and services.


Google My Business will help your prospects find your contact details, location, what other people are saying about you, and your updates. Need more local business? Setup and optimize your Google My Business profile now!


Get in touch with a reputable online marketing agency for your law firm


More than ever, in 2021, you need an agency that serves your purpose – getting new clients. Are you looking forward to getting the above mentioned tactics for your legal practice / firm? A full-service digital marketing agency will help you keep yourself busy in consulting law to more clients.

online marketing agency

At Evincera, we not only build and monitor your website but we can easily give you insights on how your prospects are behaving on your website and how you need to change/add content to it.

online marketing agency

Online marketing is not easy but it’s not tricky too. With a well-built team and necessary strategies, Evincera can help you achieve more clients for your law firm. We’ve got legal experts as well as domain specialists for your industry.

Get in touch with our team here.

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