Emerging trends for plastic surgery in digital marketing – boosting your SEO performance

digital marketing trends for plastic surgery


Since 2017, we are working as a team to grow your Plastic Surgery business with online marketing ways in various parts of the world.


It’s been a long and sweet journey so far for both of us. Now that the New Year is on the edge, we have decided to mould our digital strategy for your business and here, we are presenting to you a short yet interesting story for the upcoming year.


The New Year brings us opportunities to soar high business-wise and we will provide you with a customized plan for digital marketing to make this wonderful New Year lucrative and satisfactory. So let’s dive into the details…






Over the past period, we made a lot of changes to your website in order to make it rank better on Google and other search engines, still, we have a scope of improvement in the New Year which we need to implement and execute as soon as possible.


We have some ways to reduce the bounce rate and make more patients convert along with detailed tracking for them.


Your website is your online store; patients don’t come to your clinic frequently to know about plastic surgeries. So, we have some suggestions on UI/UX changes as well as some video promotion ideas which we need to implement in order to make the website more interesting and self-explanatory.


Also, we have some suggestions on Privacy Policies and a webpage on Confidentiality of the treatment and procedures which will help patients to build trust with Prague Medical Institute.


Google My Business


We are using this feature to optimize your SEO process since the start. Today, there are some features offered by Google to target patients more accurately, we have plans to enhance your Google My Business and directly get clients from this feature.


With your support, approvals, and suggestions, we will be able to target your potential clients in detail.


Focus more on branding


Prague Medical Institute as a brand has a scope of improvement on the internet. We have some ideas and suggestions to create a brand image more attractive and sustainable to make our SEO efforts more profitable.


These branding efforts will include marketing through media visuals, images, pictures, and videos.


The branding efforts will help us beat the competition by building a cleaner reputation, and build a name that is recognizable and makes no confusion for the prospects and clients.


We created a brand name more subtle on the search engines through content marketing but its time to bring on the new methods that will create it bolder. 2020 brings us this opportunity.


The technical stuff related to branding will be creating an independent webpage that will describe your patients’ ‘Before & After’ results which creates trust in your prospects’ minds.


Interesting ways of content marketing


Until now, we published many blogs, articles and informative content pieces targeting your potential locations and people which brought you many leads and inquiries about the services which we tracked on our dashboards.


The New Year brings us various new opportunities to spread words to help your prospects know who you are and why they need to avail services from Prague Medical Institute.


We have some plans in content marketing that will rank your website and content pieces easily for voice searches on search engines and voice search enabled devices.


For this, we need to discuss content marketing ideas with you and make necessary changes in already published content which will bring us 0 search results.


We also plan to create more landing pages focusing more on your services and targeted keywords which will help you get even more quality leads and inquiries.


Marketing Prague Medical Institute as a brand through content will bring us an opportunity to create a medical authority for your brand as well.



  • Social media marketing



Digital marketing is effective when we have a 360° approach. 


For last 2 years, Prague Medical Institute is not active on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


We need to start social media marketing again to spread a word about the brand as well as support our SEO efforts.


Your competitors are very much active on these platforms and they are growing enormously. 


We believe in increasing your online presence to portrait your brand as an expert.


Your prospects are spending most of their time on social media; why not meet them directly where they are? We have plans for your social media marketing which will let you speak with your customers on social media platforms and let them know that you are the expert in plastic surgery.


Coupling it with social media advertisements with little spends will help you get more leads as well.



  • Step by step email marketing approach



This classic marketing style is still alive and flourishing in the New Year. According to our experts, we need to run various email marketing campaigns targeting multiple groups of prospects and patients that will inform and educate them about the latest advancements in the world of plastic surgery.



  • Technology and Upgrades



You are using Zendesk as your primary tool to handle lead generation and provide customer support. 


Right now, you are using the basic level of the Zendesk so; we are planning to upgrade your Zendesk to a premium level which has benefits for you including automation to handle your customers and much more.


Also, we have planned some technological upgrades to your website and server to optimize them to a greater level.



  • Online advertisements 



Organic efforts are strengthened with paid efforts. If we couple our SEO benefits with paid efforts such as online advertisements, it will be better for your brand to catch more leads and patients that are getting attracted by your competitors.


The future of plastic surgery marketing is online and we always bring you suggestions and innovations crafted for your brand.


So, let’s start the New Year with a fresh strategy and accurate efforts for your brand promotion through SEO, Social Media Marketing and other mediums we mentioned in this small story of Prague Medical Institute. 


So, are you ready to revolutionize marketing in 2020?


We are happy to help and always there for you when you need us.


Team Evincera.


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