Freshen Up Your ASO Strategy in ‘New’ 2020 – COVID-19 Impact and More…

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Freshen Up Your ASO Strategy in ‘New’ 2020 – COVID-19 Impact and More…

The beginning of this year started as usual with the latest 2020 mobile app marketing and app store optimization techniques being implemented due to the new Play Store and App Store updates and changing user demands. ASO techniques change as the norms of these major app stores change.


As the novel coronavirus and the disease COVID-19 started spreading its roots around the world, most of the people started staying at homes and following the orders from the local government regarding lockdown initiations, and the App industry is disrupted since then.


Frequent App crashes due to excessive traffic came into the picture when people staying at homes have been using various apps rigorously than ever before.


So, what is ASO and why do you need it?


Just publishing the app on Play Store and App Store is not enough for you. All your efforts to develop all the important codes, designing a beautiful UI and UX design for an app and most importantly providing a solution to your customers through your app should be highlighted at the place where it deserves.


As we are offering specialized app store optimization services to various brands across the world including some popular gaming, utility, and news platforms, we discovered some new insights since the pandemic began and we have found some interesting facts that may be harassing you as well…


Prominent changes in the app world


  1. Google slows down the App Review Time


As Google is no exception to be hit by the global pandemic, the app review time from Google is increased to a week or more as most of the employees are now working from home. But as the situations are getting back to normal or we can say, as Google is finally settled with the new working culture, this review time will be back to normal soon. So if you are wondering how do I increase app downloads in Google Play Store, you might want to roll up your sleeves and get back to work ASAP. 


  1. Apple will thoroughly review apps with COVID-19 Information or Content


Although Apple hasn’t changed its review time so far, they declared that any app with COVID-19 related information will be closely monitored and reviewed. These include apps from categories like health, medical news, utility, etc. Apple also announced that any gaming or entertainment app with the COVID-19 theme won’t be approved.


For App Store Optimization purposes, Apple won’t allow using ‘COVID-19’ as a keyword for any metadata field when someone is submitting a new app or a rolling out a new version in App Store Connect.


Before we jump to the new 2020 ASO optimization techniques or ASO techniques, we need to understand how this pandemic has impacted your users…


Challenge 1. 


While some popular sectors like real estate, travel & tourism, hospitality, and mobility are facing a huge downfall in this pandemic, areas like fitness, gaming, and shopping apps are enjoying the impact of COVID-19. So how are these apps getting more engagement than ever and how are they planning to get more customers forever?


Solution 1


Providing informative and engaging content will help your App to rank faster and get used by users on a large scale. Well, this might not be a direct ASO technique right now, but molding your in-app content will definitely bring you more users and make them stick for longer times. You can also try offering free services during this period to engage users. 


Solution 2


The age-old ASO marketing strategies of optimizing your description for the app in both app platforms will help your app rank higher and beat the competition. App description doesn’t take that much longer to index and rank so, it’s better if you start it right now. Bring more relevancy to your users demands in your app description. These two could be a part of your primary ASO strategy in 2020.


Challenge 2


Some of the brands are facing issues with user acquisition and CRM. One of the apps we studied for such a challenge is providing meditation help to their users with some premium features. The app is useful yet users turned their backs on this app due to some or other reasons.




If you are facing similar issues, it’s time to upgrade, risk some profits, and provide your users with Freemium services instead of letting them use all premium. For the time being, you can offer them some features free of cost which can be your unique approach towards user acquisition.


We know this pandemic won’t last forever, so when we win this battle of COVID-19, your app can still own thousands of users.


Challenge 3


Some of the fears any app-based service or a brand providing Apps to its users are downswing in DAU and installs. Some app owners are facing similar challenges and the following could be a possible solution that might help you reduce the rate of uninstalls and increase the number of daily users.




Become a positive distraction to your users when they are going through the times of troubles. Instead of bombarding them with Ads all the time and becoming too much emotional right now, you can show them what you are providing them to distract them. A personal message from the developer team or some free services for the time-being will help your users stick to your platform for longer.


Like what you read? So, how do you SEO an app ?


Here’s what to do next:


  • If your app is built around essential services, you need to update your title, description, and messaging through the app. But make sure it should be sensitive enough not to affect the user preferences.
  • Google is changing its app review time so make sure you are prepared with your ASO strategy early and plan out your business operations accordingly. Avoid rolling out too many updates in a pandemic.
  • If you are an iOS app developer, check out their essential guidelines regarding COVID-19 on their official portal and change your ASO strategy accordingly.


For businesses that have seen a positive impact of COVID-19, reaching out to your users with unrealized needs will generate you installs. User acquisition and closely monitoring the current app performance will help you mold your ASO strategy in 2020 during the pandemic. Either way, this is a high time to re-evaluate and reshape your priorities and plans for the post-pandemic era.

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