Game Changing Trends of Digital Marketing in 2021 to Look Out for

Game Changing Trends of Digital Marketing in 2021 to Look Out for

As we are slowly adjusting to the new life proposed due to the pandemic, we can see, the retail business picture has changed completely. 


Customers are now seen having new shopping habits, and their expectations from a brand have increased too. 


Digital marketing has changed its course too. 


With the increased usage of virtual platforms, digital ways of marketing are now changing the way customers are given experiences, and campaigns are designed to suit the current reality.


But even after we will control the outbreak since various vaccines are already here, the current scenario may not change a lot. So, marketers need to develop futuristic marketing strategies that will include new technologies and brands need to focus on new methods to promote their business.


We can hardly predict digital marketing trends in normal circumstances. With the situations around us, it’s a bit difficult to say what exactly will happen in the near future.


Especially in the field where everyone is facing competition while catching the customers and customers too have their behavior drastically changed, it’s getting very difficult to analyze the market and say, yes these are the definitive changes we can expect in our field.


So, what will digital marketing be like in 2021? Will content still be king? Which platforms brands need to focus more on? We have a little time to implement some changes and rule the new year. 


But before jumping to the trends in digital marketing in 2021, you need to know if digital marketing is imperative for your business?


Digital marketing is not just selling your products in an online space. It’s a wider concept which tells you more about your customers and finds the right one that serves your purpose. 


As society is evolving faster than we thought, technology is helping us keep pace with the changing consumer behavior. If you need your business to thrive and compete with the best in the industry, adopting digital technologies is imperative and marketing is just another part of this revolution. 


Digital marketing helps you with:


  • Understanding your market, your customer base, and your competition.


  • Building brand awareness and loyalty.


  • Building your business to compete with bigger names.


Here are some of our predictions in digital marketing for 2021.


Whether you are digital marketing savvy or a brand looking to beat your competition; this article will give you a sneak peek at digital marketing trends in 2021.


New in social – short videos


Admit it, every one of us got bored at home when we were all done with our work, binge-watching, and whatnot. Many of us started watching short videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. With the increased use of social media consumption in all generations, CMOs have already started investing heavily in video production.



In Q2 of 2020, 25% of the overall marketing budget was engaged by social media which was just 12% in 2019.


Considering all the love we share with quick and catchy videos, marketing videos have a great spot if published using amazing strategies and execution.


Creating short videos may seem easier, but injecting the right marketing message in a casual tone is a thing to be taken care of. Short videos need to ‘short’ as Gen Z has an 8-second attention span on average. And by short we mean you need to grab their attention in 8 seconds or so. Within just 20 seconds or less, you need to send the right communication, the right purpose, and your product value.




The way buyers are choosing brands and products on social media is changing, social shopping is definitely getting popular, and short videos play a major role in building an omnichannel eCommerce strategy.


Maintaining user privacy should a priority while targeting


In 2020, the introduction of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) implied that brands advertising on Facebook encountered a huge glitch while targeting millions of users. This brought havoc in ROI and strategies for marketers. 


The CCPA, which restricts how brands are permitted to deal with the individual data of customers in California, means, concerns are growing nationwide about privacy protection. 


Along with GDPR, CCPA will care for data privacy for users. How many of you know, Apple’s iOS 14 privacy feature is delayed to 2021 which will stop automatic background data collection which is commonly used for personalized ad tracking?



The way businesses are currently tracking, targeting, and retargeting clients will change in the future too. 


To be alive and awesome in the future, you need to do:


Seriously consider privacy concerns and consent by reading up on the recent industry news.


Discuss how privacy policies are going to affect your pipeline with your marketing automation team.


Let your users know that you care about their privacy, post useful information on data collection. 


Make them reassured about the same.


Marketing automation in 2021


With digital marketing is growing in a sophisticated manner, there’s no surprise we will see marketing automation become an industry mainstream. 


The customer journey has become so dynamic, with so many checkpoints across multiple devices, that using sophisticated attribution models can help us predict outcomes and calculate exact ROI. 



When your operations will grow, it will become impossible to track this manually.

This is where you can say, marketing automation will change the face. In fact, 67% of marketing people have already started using automation tools for their campaigns. In 2021, not only the usage but the development of such sophisticated will move ahead. This technology will mainly function great in converting leads, generating more personalized content, and tracking results. Mind it: marketing automation will be the only way in 2021 and further to do great in digital marketing.


Personalization will work magic in 2021


In spite of consumer privacy concerns, people still love to engage with personalized marketing. Various surveys found that shoppers are not choosing mass-produced emails and instead preferring personable webpages over the common ones. In 2021, marketers and brands are expected to provide personalized communications and experiences considering changing buyer preferences, interests, and behavior.



Instead of using machine learning to create engaging and personalized communications, brands need to analyze customer behavior, study the patterns of their usage, and write the copies all by themselves to infuse more.


Machine learning is powerful, but the emotions still have a long way to go for the systems. 


Let’s make some New Year resolutions


In a year full of surprises and disruptions, 2020 taught us so much about human mentality, the habit of buyers, the demands of brands, and so on. It will be safe to say that 2021 will be a year full of digital transformation along with the smart use of technology, marketing strategy, and creative mindset that will transform the brands in a unique way.


Want to rise above your competition? Stay awake, kickstart brainstorming sessions, shift your resources, and conduct thorough research for your brands.


If you are looking for a supporting partner that will help you grow nimbly, Evincera has been doing very nice even in the pandemic. We have successfully shifted brand performances for various companies ranging in B2B and B2C segments during the hard times and we are looking optimistically at 2021 which will allow us to transform brands like you in one or many ways.

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