Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Businesses in 2021

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Businesses in 2021

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate Businesses in 2021


After a slowdown due to a pandemic and lockdowns, real estate businesses are getting back to shape, and now is the time they need marketing methods that can cultivate profits more than ever.


2021 will be a year with marketing shifts and innovation for the real estate market and all real estate developers, builders and brands need to have a digital growth strategy in order to navigate in the coming year.


While we at Evincera are planning a lot of better things for our clients in the real estate industry, we tried to fetch some thoughts on inbound marketing strategies for real estate businesses in 2021.


Lead Generation with Digital

Lead Generation in seo 2021


The digital marketing bandwagon is now filled with many industries but did you know, the real estate industry was very cautious to jump on. The industry was used to word of mouth marketing, print media, face to face consultations, magazine ads, and events. With the changing times, online entity took place of all this and its successfully disrupting the industry.


Now every real estate business is using digital technology to acquire the attention of homebuyers and sell properties faster.


Pandemic brought an urge to use digital marketing mediums for every industry and real estate wasn’t an exception to this trend. Right from virtual site visits to the direct booking of the property is now an opportunity for real estate businesses to continue the trend as we wait for a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.


But how is it possible to enhance lead generation for a real estate business in 2021?

Lead generation for real estate business


Lead generation for real estate business has been a challenge of all times, every brand wants instant as well as quality leads with digital platforms, and advertising your brand on digital mediums such as LinkedIn and Facebook isn’t enough.


Every real estate business needs an inbound marketing strategy and so does a real estate project.


Content creation is the key

Content creation is the key in seo 2021

With a universe of content readily available and a social community ever-present on our screens, we are immersed with content constantly.


And without any knowledge, we are trying to find new substance every time. Real estate businesses need to wake up and take action as early as possible. Informative content around real estate always helps create a brand that people can trust.


A simple blog on a website or a podcast discussing current policy changes can help you boost sales.


So, how can you achieve this? 


Attracting people through mass advertising on digital platforms may help you gather some crowd, but do you have enough time to filter them out and find actual property buyers? Inbound marketing for real estate businesses can help you with quality lead generation – through thought-leadership articles, interactive and shareable social media content, and offering your target audiences with quality information that benefits their needs and decisions. You can gather a community of people ready to buy properties and build trust to close more property deals.


2021 is all about quality digital content creation and lead generation!


Building a Community

Post 54 Building a Community in seo 2021

Coronavirus negatively affected all businesses and every industry including real estate which was hit hard. Marketing came to the rescue with a unique way of building a community rather than sending a direct message.


Now that the real estate sector is warming up again, this community will help it to pick up faster and stabilize. Once you have a community of prospect buyers, you can make them ready for their next big investment.


Inbound marketing techniques help real estate business with attracting, engaging, and delighting their customers. In order to achieve this, real estate businesses need to stay active on social media platforms and continue creating blog posts. If communication and brand awareness decrease, a real estate business might lose the trust of its target audience.


CRM Software for Real Estate Brand

CRM Software for Real Estate Brand 2021

Real estate brands currently understand the significance of marketing a property and align their sales. By adjusting marketing and sales, real estate brands can get deep into buyers’ journey and reach out to ideal leads – with the right message. This system helps you reduce the number of low-quality leads and gifts you with the only users with a real interest to buy a property.


To make this happen, real estate brands need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM is a strategy that helps you with managing interactions with customers and mainly potential customers – all to streamline your marketing, build and flourish relationships, boost sales, and enhance customer service.


A quality CRM enables you to send automated and personalized emails to your leads considering their behavior. This automated system lets you be free for real tasks you intend to do – Build and Sell!


Benefits of CRM for Real Estate Business:

Benefits of CRM for Real Estate Business in 2021

  • Digital Marketing Integration
  • Quality Lead Generation
  • In-depth Lead Tracking
  • Digital Marketing Reporting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment


2021 will be crucial for your marketing and sales alignment at a single point to make sure all your processes are streamlined which will increase sales.


In Summary


Real estate businesses need a strong inbound marketing strategy in 2021 to:


  • Digital content to build a community and trust
  • Social media marketing to increase engagement and keep your brand top of mind
  • Improve lead quality and save time and resources


Evincera has been providing inbound marketing and lead generation services for real estate businesses. We are a specialized agency in boosting your local presence when it comes to generating leads for your real estate property.


Here’s how we drive sales for your real estate business.


Need help with highly qualified sales leads for your business? Get in touch with our team here.


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