Know Which Digital Marketing Channels Give the Highest ROI?

Know Which Digital Marketing Channels Give the Highest ROI?

When it comes down to the marketing ROI, the only thing that matters the most is maximizing it and knowing what platform is giving out the best ROI for our overall efforts. But we think that getting the best and most ROI is not important but sustaining it for the long term. Your online marketing campaigns are no doubt responsible for an unquestionable success.


So which of the online marketing channels have strategies with the highest ROI marketing?


We considered these things in the initial period which cleared up a few points for us and established a foundation for this reasoning:


• ROI is somehow tricky to crack down

• Money and Time both are investments

• Long-term ROI marketing is more important than short-term

• Marketing strategies are all about execution

• Every business is different and needs a different approach while handling


With those concerns out of the method, let’s take a glance at some of the most well-liked marketing strategies around today and the way they compare with one another.


Paid Advertising
Most businesses who have tried they will tell you that paid advertising offers an honest ROI. However there are a few factors we need to consider where paid marketing can get complicated and make it hard to crack down the objective conclusion about the particular strategy. For instance, the price per click on a Google search ad will vary wildly counting on what business you are in, typically up to $50 or more per click. Plus, you are not “building equity” with a paid ad campaign, regardless of what platform you are on; it’s a lot of like paying rent. Once you cut funding to paid ads, they instantly put off, and also the only lasting price you get from it is the sales you made while the ads were active. But remember, nothing beats the organic search results.


Content Marketing and SEO
Unlike paid advertising, it’s technically possible to get started in content marketing and SEO with no financial investment. However, if you wish to scale your strategy to a purposeful level, it’s getting to take significant time and/or money. After you first begin out, your results can leave you wanting more, however, true power of content marketing and SEO is their ability to scale exponentially over time; instead of providing you with linear results, like paid advertising, each new piece of content you manufacture can hold a long-lasting, semi-permanent price for your brand in terms of web assets, referral traffic, and domain authority.


Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is another space wherever it’s technically possible to pursue with solely an estimate of your time. Counting on the dimensions of your efforts, social media marketing may cost thousands of dollars per month. As for the value–that’s trickier to measure than the results you will get from SEO or direct advertising. You’ll be able to measure engagements, traffic, and conversions; however, it’s arduous to accurately quantify the reputation value your brand has generated. Plus, there is wide variation between industries once it involves social effectiveness, and therefore the value of paid social media ads.


Out of the numerous online marketing channels we listed, it’s hard to choose a transparent winner, particularly when acknowledging the issues we outlined above. In the short-run, paid search will offer you a robust return, and email marketing appears to work best for the bulk of businesses once they have a powerful email list designed up. However, if we are going to choose one best strategy when we are talking about ROI, we’d select content marketing and SEO–thanks to its multifarious range of effects, permanent value, and potential for compounding returns, there is simply no better way to spend your marketing budget.

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