Local SEO & Content – Produce Content That Matters!

Local SEO and content

Local SEO & Content – Produce Content That Matters!

Struggling with local rankings with less competitive keywords? Content is the concrete that brings stability to your local SEO efforts. Previously, we presented a huge local SEO checklist where we talked about some of the important technical guidelines to follow for getting better rankings on search engines for your local business.


It WAS easy for SEOs to get better rankings for local brands. It was all about adding an NAP in the footer, creating some useful directory links and there it was. But the times changed and hence the methods. With the rising competition amongst local businesses, it is now just not limited to local directories and having a Google My Business page!


What does local SEO content mean?


Local SEO content is nothing but strengthening your content for local optimization which will help your local customers find you and reach up to you.


To move your rankings up, you need content for your local SEO!


Suppose you own a workshop where your expertise lies in servicing classic vehicle models. It’s not possible for you to rank for keywords like ‘best workshops.’ but you can rank easily for ‘best workshop in London’.


Believe us, targeting your customers locally might increase your chances of getting 200% to 300% with LOCAL Content.


Having local content in action has helped one of our clients getting a whopping 1400% more traffic and orders. Want to read an interesting case study around it? It’s here…


Indeed, content works magic while ranking for less competitive and local keywords.


So unless you are a superstar in your area, you need to keep reading further…


Before we jump to content types for local SEO, here’s a frequently asked question by our customers when we handle their local SEO.


Is it necessary to create content for each of my locations?


NOT creating content for each of your locations is risky. If there’s no invitation, no one will show up at your party.


The solution: Become a content machine for your local business.


Along with being unique, its also important to be local


Local content should be unique, useful, and relevant. Every content piece needs to be a special reason for the users to visit your website.


Let’s start with the local content types…


  1. Landing Pages – City Specific

Are you ranking for local keywords without any landing page specifically made for the location? It becomes easier for you to rank locally if you have location-based or say city-specific landing pages with you.


If your business has multiple locations, again, you need to create multiple landing pages.


You cannot compromise on your local SEO efforts without having landing pages in action. But remember, if your local business smaller compared to the competition, you might lose authority if you build multiple landing pages and websites.


We will suggest you keep it simple with one page for one location.


  1. Regional or State-wise landing pages

It’s not about creating more content without any direction. But when you are playing in the local SEO field, you need to play it safe.


If you think creating multiple location pages is hard for you, start with your own regions where you have operations running right now.


Tip: Understanding your buyer persona and customer preferences will help you more while creating location-wise landing pages.


‘State’ wise location pages will help you provide a better experience to your customers which actually works. Having regional landing pages will not only help you generate organic traffic but improved conversions too.


  1. FAQs

FAQ pages are loved by your customers and it can be your one-stop-shop for your local SEO. With voice search surfacing on top of the line in the digital marketing tactics, the brands are now shifting to customer-specific content which is conversational in tone.


Do you know, more than 30% of the queries are location-related?


According to a report from BrightLocal, more than 58% of consumers use voice search to find the products and services they are looking for locally!


  1. Specials

Do you know what are some exciting crème de la crème for local business owners like you? The specials and discounts.


Everybody is need for discounts and cuts in the costs (without losing the quality or compromising on the service offerings).


Want more local customers? Attract them by personalizing the specials for them. Restaurants and now in the COVID-19 issue, takeaway counters are known for this.


Specials and discounts can depend on the location in a specific radius. If you have a takeaway counter in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, you can definitely offer people coming from your nearby locations to make them yours forever.


  1. Blogs

People love reading blogs. This is where the real magic happens. If your local business wants to compete in the local SERPs, an active blog with regular updates will help you improve rankings.


Not sure what you can present in your blogs? Here’s a quick guide…


  • You can make an announcement about your new location.
  • You can create a blog around how pricing is competitive at your facility and how it can help your customers.
  • Laws and regulations about your product offerings. Now that the COVID-19 has affected almost every business you can create a blog around the local laws and regulations and how your business has reopened according to them.
  • You can also create write-ups around new product announcements or new service offerings. 


Suppose you are offering car cleaning services, you might be launching a deep-cleaning service with sanitization; you can announce this new service launch via blogs and let your local customers know of this.


  1. Press and news

Almost every local brand press and news page. Does your brand? We don’t pay much attention to this page but it should be there. You can even partner with local news publishers and announce about your whereabouts, new product/service releases, and more.


Get up, start creating local content


Once there was this time when only the NAP and directory links were sufficient for becoming a star in the local SEO. But what about content?


There used to be times when business owners were having fears while creating local content. But now the times have changed.


If you want more local business and attention of the potential customers to your business, you need to have a strong local content strategy in place.


Even the search engines need more content as they consider it as one of the strongest ranking factors, and thus the same goes for the local SEO.


Local NAP and directory are never fading away but if you want more revenue for your business, the content is going to change the game for you.

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