Omnichannel Marketing for Healthcare Industry During The Pandemic

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Omnichannel Marketing for Healthcare Industry During The Pandemic

A few stops, a break, some hopes, and much more to be looked after.


The Healthcare industry is literally going through a lot of hustle right now as most of the efforts are being invested in to fight the deadly virus and the COVID-19 disease.


Still, there are other diseases and conditions which require medical attention and a healthcare brand must not ignore marketing during the pandemic.


Although physical movements are limited and social distancing is followed by everyone, for the foreseeable future, omnichannel marketing for healthcare businesses can be a realistic channel.


Healthcare Marketing amidst COVID-19


While nobody can create a perfect statement about how post-COVID-19 situation will be for the marketers, one thing looks certain: social distancing will be in practice for an extended period, digital channels are going to be the most effective for everyone, including the healthcare industry.


Some brands have adopted this medium and we are a part of this wave too.


With our revolutionary patient journey mapping service, we have helped several healthcare brands gain the exact customer base right at their emails and phones.


But now that everyone is consciously taking care of their health to prevent the COVID-19 disease, demand for other healthcare services has impacted. Some of the plastic surgery clinics also reported that patients are not actively looking for their services due to many reasons including the economic breakdown.


Still, as a healthcare provider, you need to emphasize the marketing of your brand as this time too shall pass.


During the early stages of COVID-19 response, online traffic in Italy increased around 8 to 20 percent. After the nationwide lockdown and quarantines were mandated in March, internet traffic went on by 30% over regular levels.


The time shall pass, but this change in online traffic suggests a lot. There will be more online action than on the regular mediums. And here’s where we as an omnichannel healthcare marketing services provider can make a difference. Omnichannel marketing for healthcare will provide relevant, personalized, and accurate information to online users. Techniques like content marketing and email marketing help in responding with empathy to a new set of needs and limitations imposed on the users.


Businesses around the globe are rushing to change their marketing methods to achieve business goals in the new environment and your business should not be left out.


What things don’t or won’t work for healthcare brands?


  • Having a presence on one or only a few channels
  • Providing automated emails to users/subscribers/patients/communities
  • Not posting content often
  • Ignoring marketing seeing as a waste of budget


Believe us, some healthcare marketing is still using age-old techniques like using just email to shoot their messages to customers. Having multiple channels along with cross-platform strategies is the real need of an hour and you need to have an omnichannel strategy for healthcare marketing right now!


Omnichannel Marketing for your benefit


It’s time to drive your online prospect to your website, clinic, or facility. Once the quarantines are over and we curb the pandemic, people are going to need the normal healthcare facilities as before. 


Take this break as an opportunity and get some help in designing your omnichannel healthcare marketing strategy today!


Brands having an omnichannel strategy in their marketing tends to achieve 91% more results than those who don’t.


So, what does omnichannel marketing for your healthcare brand will mean in the upcoming period?


Getting the omnichannel marketing trends for your healthcare business is a simple process, here’s what could happen…


  1. Bolstering the Messaging


Along with keeping your marketing channels ready for the right messaging, its important to deliver the right message in the changed scenario. With the right message, you need to reassure the patients and communities that what things they need to take care of in their particular conditions.


Another part of the changing messaging will be to go global. This involves things like:


  • How you are coping up with the situation – sensitization, staff augmentation, training, etc.
  • Changes in your facility hours
  • How you are handling patients who might be scared to come in, etc.


Also, messaging should include emphasize your strengths in practice, try to relate them to your patients’ needs. This will include highlighting things like the fact that you are taking care of your patient community in a safe environment.


This messaging should be spread on multiple channels available with you; possibly in different manners. This is where messaging using omnichannel strategies can be helpful.


  1. Content Optimization and Marketing


Now that the situations have changed, your website content should be changed. Starting with the homepage, every page on your website should see content that should be fresh and relevant to the current situation.


Also, creating blogs for your website will help in your SEO, and getting traffic on your website. Another omnichannel health care strategy you can use is spreading content through external websites including your own social media platforms.


This will keep your audience aware of your practice and establish trust in their minds as you are providing them helpful information in times of crisis.


  1. Regular Social Media Updates


This is the time when people are just lying on their sofas or beds and scrolling through their timelines. Wake up and be on their screens. 


Regular social media posting will help you by keeping your brand fresh. 


Post some engagement content on social media and let them play in the comments section. You can even provide some free guidance through webinars and strengthen your patient community. Omnichannel healthcare solutions are effective here as it will let you respond to your patients personally.


  1. Keep those Emails going


Like everyone is sending and receiving emails about COVID-19 day by day, you might think, why would I send emails in this period if everyone is frustrated to read those emails? You are wrong and here’s why:


Your emails are going to be different, you are a healthcare provider, and people trust you.


They definitely know that your message in the email is valuable, show them that you are truly there for them.


Implement omnichannel strategies and make your emails personal. This will differentiate your practice from your competition in a very healthy way.


Not sure how to do that? We have got your back. Our team is working on regular hours (from homes) and we will support you. Contact us to know more.


The list of omnichannel marketing methods and advantages doesn’t stop here.


In 2019, we predicted some benefits of omnichannel strategies for healthcare marketing and the write-up could really help you with the current marketing challenges you have.


Read the post here: How Omnichannel Marketing Can Help Boost Healthcare Sector in 2019?


And do let us know about your marketing challenges due to pandemic.


We are helping brands with the newest and effective marketing strategies in pandemic and we are also designing marketing plans for the time when we will see regular life back on track.


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