Opportunities for Coronavirus Affected Businesses – Adapt SEO Marketing – Now is the Chance !

Opportunities for Coronavirus Affected Businesses – Adapt SEO Marketing – Now is the Chance !

It’s almost April 2020 and Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has almost destructed our lives. We cannot travel, have to isolate ourselves in the homes or safe places, we cannot enjoy our time with our friends but most importantly, we have to shut down or minimize our business operations until the threat is over.


Well, many businesses have been impacted by the international negative economic impact, there’s a lot of scope for businesses to reach their prospective customers even though the situations are worse. 


For businesses majorly hit by the COVID-19 wave, focusing on their 2020 SEO techniques and understanding the importance of online marketing methods, is the key to survive the losses. This article brings you decisions you need to make in order to respond to COVID-19 and how you can adapt SEO marketing methods to continue business after the wave is over.


Short Term SEO Marketing Considerations


Under which category your business falls?


As physical locations of businesses are either recommended or forced to shut down, you need to understand which category your businesses fall under. If your business falls in an ‘essential’ category like grocery, medical supplies or essential stores, you need to run it by taking proper precautions and care. But if your business falls in the ‘non-essential’ category you might need to keep it off to follow social distancing.


As people are under panic and stress, you need to take care of proper communication availability through online platforms and Google My Business or Bing Places like profiles.


Tip from Evincera – Understand the nature of your business and quickly update your website with the information useful for your customers. Google My Business profiles and your essential digital assets notify your clients with your address and how your business will work until the pandemics are over.


Know the changing search behaviors


After you evaluate your business category, you need to understand the changing search behaviors of your customers. Businesses falling in the essential category as mentioned above will likely gain more searches that too organic in these panic times. And businesses with non-essential tag will see a drop in the search interests as consumers are shifting their priorities right now.


Brands need to thoroughly monitor the organic search counts and conversion numbers for the future and plan to update the content, backlinks, and keywords to respond to a COVID-19 situation.


Tip from Evincera – Keep checking Google Trends, Google Search Console and other tools to track the changes in search behavior and interests around the relevant topics discussed by your brand and industry. Also closely monitor how your customers are converting in these situations.


How SEO can help you with this major shift in Search Behaviour?


Current economic behaviors will create an impact on businesses in the long run including the performance and budgets. No matter how much longer the impact of COVID-19 will remain, businesses need to understand the importance of SEO in both short-term and long-term plans of their marketing efforts. SEO marketing is beneficial to both the categories of businesses discussed above and it should not be overlooked even though the panic times are going on.


Well, Evincera suggests SEO marketing as a long-term growth hacking solution for businesses rather than paid efforts.


Tip from Evincera: Study Google Trends, use various Keyword tools available out there, monitor your Google Search Console to understand the rapid shift in the search behavior and interest for your brand during this time. Also, keep checking your website performance to update and report the factors impacting these elements.


Content marketing to the rescue…


As we know, to avoid economic losses, for now, consumers are not going to spend or invest in products and services that are deemed as non-essentials. Considering it, businesses like yours should their typical behaviour might change in the next few months and investment in content marketing will work for both short-term and long-term. As users won’t spend much on the products and services, it will be wise for businesses to get started with their content marketing strategies to fulfill the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer journey. Creating useful, information and valuable content for the consumers will help businesses target and convert the customers in the future. It will strengthen the E-A-T signals to the search engines and customers.


Tips from Evincera: 


  • As consumers are not likely to convert in the short term, get traffic with top-mid funnel content which can help the future consumer behavior with information about products and services you are offering. 


  • You can create SEO-informed guides and other types of content spreading information about your products and services to build strong E-A-T signals.

Let’s discuss long-term SEO considerations


Start implementing your Q4 of 2020 SEO strategy right away!


While the coronavirus outbreak is making businesses consider how they need to plan for the next few months, businesses also need to prepare themselves for the developing economic outbreak. Considering consumers’ less spending nature for the next several months, SEO comes to the rescue of the businesses by optimizing the brand visibility and positioning. To make sure your business doesn’t keep suffering the current losses, you need to ensure you prevent them in the future by implementing SEO strategies you may have planned for the Q4 of 2020.


Tip from Evincera: Start implementing the long-term SEO strategies for your website to rank better for highly competitive keywords that may spike in the Q4. 


Get started for a better future


Currently, the impact of COVID-19 is seen on businesses running in swing at their physical locations which authorities have shut down, supply chains are totally disturbed and our general will to live everyday life is impacted too. Some of the other impacts on businesses might be the digital transformation they are planning for their products and services. Many businesses have shifted their daily meetings on a video stream, movie releases are being planned on ‘on-demand’ platforms and many other businesses re-evaluating the ways they can interact with their customers. To make your business future-proof, brands need to take measures like virtual communication and digital marketing in order to reduce the impact of COVID-19.


Coronavirus impact on current SEO scenario & primary changes you need to make


  • When it comes to sensitive issues like COVID-19, brands need to focus on the impact of the situations on the business and fine-tune their messaging around the situations. Also, the brands need to focus on their content marketing strategies. 
  • Have a dedicated Coronavirus information page – If your business comes under the essential category, create a separate page to capture all the information about Coronavirus which can help you get the relevant traffic and link to key areas on your website.
  • Create new videos and YouTube content – While people are spending more time on YouTube and streaming platforms, start creating relevant videos and start getting more viewers. Take the benefits of SEO insights and be mindful of the content ideas. 
  • Include isolation and social distancing in everyday messaging – When creating content or messages include some DIY messages around your product and services and be careful about the language you use when the panic times are going on.


Which businesses can leverage the current situations?


  • eCommerce
  • Gaming & Entertainment
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals



When the pandemics are going on, it’s natural for brands to see a drop in the daily traffic and inquiries, etc. But, the right SEO strategies implemented at the right times will create a positive impact on brand image and create an opportunity for business in the future. 


Key Takeaways:



  • Consider that COVID-19 pandemic will not be here forever but the current impact might hurt your business.
  • Understand the changing behaviour and habits of your potential customers and how they are using the internet to find the essentials.
  • Even if your business falls under a non-essential category, make sure you prepare your business for the future opportunities.
  • Both short-term and long-term SEO strategies can come handy in these situations.
  • Content marketing helps you create an ideal image of your brand in situations like pandemic.
  • If you think your current SEO strategy will bring you more business, think again.
  • Get an expert opinion from an experienced agency like Evincera who knows how to handle the panic scenarios in the business.


For more inquiries on how SEO strategies can help your business, contact our specialized SEO team at Evincera.


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