Refreshed Marketing Funnel in 2020: Get Ready to Generate Sales after Pandemic

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Refreshed Marketing Funnel in 2020: Get Ready to Generate Sales after Pandemic

Brands across every industry need to lay a strong foundation for their marketing strategies and communicate with their customer base.


Along with the right message for your customers, you also need to prepare your marketing funnel which you may have created at the start of 2020 or the last year.


Marketing funnel 2020 needs to be upgraded and refreshed considering the uncertain situations and prepare your business to generate more sales after the pandemic.


We don’t know how long it will take but at least you can be prepared with the techniques which will help you get more business in the near future.


What kind of marketing challenges businesses are facing right now?


When we studied the search pattern on Google for our clients, we noticed what we feared at the start of this outbreak. Customers are not looking for non-essential items with interest but spending so much on essentials like Food, Groceries, and toiletries. This was coming and many brands could sense it after a month or so.


Later when the outbreak settled into a pandemic, many customers and businesses started preparing themselves for the worse, and operations began using teleworking and working from homes.


Marketing challenges started rolling out with the changing consumer behavior, shifting content consumption pattern, and lowered interest in real products and services.


Reasons behind paralyzed marketing funnels


Most customers are looking out for help instead of purchasing anything.


So, salespeople around the world are changing their marketing funnel to be more informative rather than direct sales-oriented and many of your competitors are doing the same. Are you changing your marketing funnel?


If not, it’s high time to change it.


You need to inject some life in your paralyzed sales/marketing funnel right now so that it revives in the upcoming period where the world will see a downfall in the economy. With the right strategies, your business can easily survive through the pandemic.


A Ray of Hope


There lies hope for every business out there to survive in the pandemic.


Changing the marketing strategies is one of them along with others.


Your old marketing strategies might be focused a lot on PPC and social media advertising, you need to change it and invest in meaningful ways like SEO, content marketing, and email marketing.


  • SEO will help your website strengthen its presence on the search engines and gift your website with better rankings post-pandemic.
  • Content marketing will help both your marketing funnel and brand image by providing valuable information to your customers looking for help and support.
  • Every day, we receive around 10 to 15 emails on average stating how the pandemic is affecting businesses and customers. You need to follow the same strategy but with valuable content for your customers.


Digital marketing techniques will surely provide your business with a ray of hope to strengthen your brand presence on the internet. 


If you are in touch with the digital marketing expert, get the following things in place:


  1. Digital Marketing Audit
  2. SEO Audit
  3. Content Audit


One or every type of these audits will help your marketing funnel get the direction it needs the most in this pandemic.


Auditing your digital assets helps you identify the loopholes in the current flow and suggest you with the marketing trends you need to follow.


How to prepare for worse situations after a pandemic?


As we suspect, customers are going to be more selective after the pandemic is over. So, you need to prepare your business for the worse situations.


Many brands have abandoned marketing during the pandemic as it has become harder. But we don’t think so. Clear and supportive communication and soft selling techniques built around the communication will help brands survive and grow.


With continuous messaging and information bombarding, customers are now getting more selective and hardly respond to the existing old-age marketing tricks.


Now that the customer has become suspicious, businesses need to rethink their marketing techniques entirely. Think about an opportunity this pandemic is giving you to test new techniques and how your customers react to them.


Techniques to follow in the meantime


  • SEO techniques need a serious overhaul in order to match with the changing Google algorithms. Google is now seriously thinking about mediocre websites while ranking.
  • Content marketing needs to be focused on the pandemic as a selective client base is now demanding more valuable information for their operations.
  • Email marketing needs the power of personalization to engage more customers who are fed up with annoyance and frustration from other brands, even maybe your competitors.
  • PPC marketing needs to be more personalized too along with relevancy and conciseness.


How we are helping brands change their marketing funnel in 2020 which aligns with the demands of a Pandemic…


With the situation in mind, we are guiding our clients with an effective marketing strategy that has helped them change their marketing funnel. Right now, the funnel must share information and talk about help and relevancy. The core of this marketing funnel must be revolving around the difference between needs and wants.


If you need to sell your products and services, you need to create a demand for it with the help of better marketing strategies. Creative messaging and adjusted marketing funnel will help businesses survive during the pandemic by getting more clients.


Get in Touch!


We know how difficult it has become to run a business during a pandemic, and we are preparing our clients for the effects both during and after the pandemic. Reach out to us with your query and we will help you refresh your 2020 marketing funnel.


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