Serious Time to Think About Post-Pandemic Marketing Plans – A Brief Guide

Serious Time to Think About Post-Pandemic Marketing Plans – A Brief Guide

Since the last few months, we are experiencing a wave of changes in every step of our business operations. 


As we can expect the global economy to start returning to ‘normal’ in the next few months, it is still difficult to predict how different industries and businesses will change. Although, one thing is for sure, preparing for life after lockdown earlier rather than later is a necessity.


People are desperate to get out, shop, eat, drink, and businesses are eager for more traffic, footfall, visits, and sales. 


So, today we are talking about marketing relaunch!




During the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed significantly. With the majority of people stuck at home, eCommerce operations experienced quick growth as people are buying online more than ever. The online retailers and eCommerce business owners couldn’t really handle these orders which led to delays and temporary closures.


Situations were uncertain but we learned that investing major resources to eCommerce was good for relevancy, staying operational, and grow exponentially even in the tough times.


Now that Unlocks are happening, we don’t think this behavior of consumers will change. Coronavirus anxiety and social outings will be persisted in the upcoming period. Many customers will still hesitate to be in busy public spaces and some may take it as risk, this means, eCommerce boom will continue after brick and mortar brands reopen.


So, the best course of action for B2C businesses will be the only eCommerce. Along with this boom, eCommerce businesses will face more competition than ever, and hence, strengthening the online presence and boosting it is important for eCommerce players.


Planning online marketing for eCommerce businesses will benefit them in standing out from the crowd and Evincera’s inbound marketing techniques will help you create an impression in this noisy business environment.


For businesses having brick and mortar operations have a chance to shift their operations online to run the business with the internet where most of your customers are spending their most time and will keep spending. We have a dedicated eCommerce development team that can help you set up an online shop and boost it. Even for the Shopify stores.


A new way to communicate


Your post-pandemic marketing plan should roll around three main things:

  • How you can address changing consumer demands
  • Your specific business goals
  • How you can measure your success


Referring to this, you can make a plan of how your business will work once this is all over, and the next step will be to ensure this is posted to your customers regularly.


Making your customers aware of the things they can expect will stop any adverse feedback or future results from what they might get confused. Your business plans and operations may change in regards to new Government guidelines and policies, but planning for some basic scenarios now will help you get through the situations happily for a smoother transition.


Similarly, one of the important things in your communication will be adding a series of replies to FAQs that will help your customers get informed about your operations.


Social media and content


Nothing is going to get back to normal at once, so your content should not either. Your website content, blogs, and social media updates should reflect changing guidelines or the general mood of the people.


Promotional content and actual sales of your products & services are admissible only considering the current situation. Convincing, inspiring and aspiring content is the most effective way to stay relevant while maintaining sensitive tone in such situations, but this might change as the lockdown is completely over and staying at home for permanent is no longer necessary.


Timely social distancing is more necessary than ever, staying responsible, and updated with your planned content. If you can expose your brand with paid advertisements, you can even get new customers who haven’t yet accustomed to you.


Your website


As every business is eager to reopen, customers can’t just assume everything is normal at every place. Providing information to your customers is important and your website is the first thing they will refer to get their questions answered.


There are various options to ensure this information is clearly presented on your website and how. You can post updates about your operations, changed business hours and other things on banners, Pop-ups, FAQs, and even in the top section of your homepage or even create a whole new webpage can be developed separately.


Every business needs a slightly different solution for this, you can talk to our developers and designers to find out how they can create something for your brand. Rest assured, we will make sure that everything is set properly to help your customers after the pandemic.


Preparation is the key


The last thing you should take care of is that your business will get a surge of customers when you restart your operations. People are desperate to get back in the normal routine and they need your business.


Ensuring how you can smoothly run the messaging and communication with your clients will matter a lot.


All this means you need to have a fair system to handle the new environment of your business and start working under in terms of safety, health, and hygiene.


Well, you also need to create a strong reason for your clients to make them visit. Some promotional efforts will do wonders.


We know your sales have depleted during the lockdown and having a strong yet feasible marketing plan in these situations will help you grow after things are normal. Now is the most suitable time for any business to invest in marketing and we help brands build and shape their online presence in the coming months.


So, get in touch to know how you can fly across.

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