The Future of Search

Future of search

The Future of Search

Mobiles are now the things of the past and future of search is heading in a very lucrative direction. Lucrative in the context of Search Engine Marketing and Search Algorithms. Internet Search Engines are getting smarter than anything around us right now. Sometimes, even human brains are getting into puzzles with Search Engine Algorithms and Search Engine Optimization techniques.

We at Evincera have our own perspective about future of Search. We think that ‘Context’ is the only possible answer when anyone asks about the future of search.

As mobile continues to grow, as a lot of smartphones are bought, and as a lot of apps are developed, we’ve additionally seen the expansion of businesses like “app store optimization” and alternative services around optimizing for mobile.

But what precisely are users doing on their phones? Is mobile SEO simply reaching to be concerning “chasing the algorithm” and exploiting the signals we learn through testing like traditional SEO? Or is there one thing larger out there that we are missing?

We as a Digital Marketing Service providers, actually have to prompt ourselves that we are the minority which most users don’t seem to be as “technically minded” as ourselves or our internet-obsessed peers. We tend to look through the app stores to visualize what’s new. We always scour tech sites, and alternative technical school reporters on social media to visualize what’s dynamical within the market.

The average user in society doesn’t behave this manner, despite what some reports would possibly say. The typical user is probing for simplicity and desires data spoon-fed to them. They don’t wish to look at all; actually, the information recommend that they aren’t searching all that much on their phones to start with:

1. Context is the Answer.

Contextual understanding is about giving people the right information they need when they need it the most. Eliminate the hard work of your users and provide them the information right into their sight.

Contextual online search optimization algorithms should use all the factors like location, position, and mood of the users, what users were searching, where they are, what they are doing and what they need at the specific moment. The best example is a food service provider can send a notification of a lunch offer on their app at exactly between 1 pm to 3 pm.

2. Something beyond search.

Today, we can see that Google Search is trying to revamp their search algorithms according to users’ preferences, their interests, searching behaviors, and activities. We can see many notifications by many apps at various locations, showing interesting things near us, restaurants, and pubs near us. But sometimes, the search results can be horrible and may not show some results that may interest users. This thing needs to be revised and context should be having a strong support to the search results.

3. Voice

Voice is fast, the voice is quick and voice is available to users 24X7. Users are getting lazy, they always try to seek for new technologies to make their searching habits easy and fast. The next thing in search is Voice, many of the apps are adapting the voice-based search and they are on the right path. Easier the search, more users will attract to your brand, because voice search makes the whole thing very easy and fast.

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