Manufacturers, Meet the Futuristic Way of Marketing Your Brand: Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

Manufacturers, Meet the Futuristic Way of Marketing Your Brand: Inbound Marketing

Since the world is learning to live with the Coronavirus, things have changed in the manufacturing industries too. From re-opening to starting the production to in full swing, manufacturing companies especially in B2B sectors have a unique demand from marketing agencies.


The age of outbound marketing techniques like print, trade shows, telemarketing, and other (not-so-friendly) costly tactics has vanished in a bit due to this pandemic.


The trade shows will be back, but we can’t say how much longer it would take for them to follow all the rules suggested by world health leaders and Government bodies.


Right now, it’s not time to push off the messages but to attract quality leads to businesses in organic ways.


More than 90% of your customers visit Google and other search engines to find manufacturers, their products, and services. If your brand has a less attractive presence in online mediums, how would your customers find you?


Inbound marketing for manufacturers is the sure answer.


Inbound marketing for manufacturers: Establish a well-grown and predictable sales pipeline.


If you are new to this concept ‘inbound marketing for manufacturing units’, it would look like a maze as it’s going to take a whole new curve in your marketing strategies. Getting started with inbound marketing for manufacturers and B2B brands can be a hurdle. But, with an experienced inbound marketing agency for manufacturers, you will experience a classic jump while you are done re-opening and waiting for new customers. Get to know more about our inbound marketing services today!


What do you need to get started with the ‘inbound marketing for manufacturing businesses’?



  • Website look & feel


We have seen many B2B manufacturers having a website that ‘does’ work but is it attractive enough to bring attention? Is it really working for them to bring leads?


Inbound marketing starts its foundation with your main online asset i.e. your website.


Everything coming under the website look and feel should be artistic, crafted, and well-thought things. Be your font, images, placement, content, and other elements that should be eye-pleasing. Not extravagant but pleasing.



  • Content and blog


There are a few things that set you apart from the crowd around you and boost your site rankings. Google decides the rankings of the websites and if engineered properly, you will be found first. And you need it right now. On high priority.


Having a strong keyword strategy with an effective copy in place and frequently updated blog content will confirm the top position of your website on search engines as well as up your place as a business leader in your area of expertise.


Quick Takeaway:


Find out your most important products and services and there lies an opportunity. There are questions to your customers you might need to answer, internal linking, and content that needs to explain more in order to satisfy customer intent. And lastly, your images, text alignment & placement, and Calls to Action.



  • Encouraging Collaboration between Marketing & Sales


It’s important that you take care of your marketing and sales teams to align their direction in the right way. Everyone in your in-house marketing should be aware of the amazing benefits of inbound marketing and act accordingly.


Quick Takeaway:


You need to create a calendar where your website, marketing, and sales priorities are defined and it should reflect task status. If you state your goal prior to implementation, it’s more likely to deliver success.



  • Landing Pages & CTAs


SEO and other inbound marketing techniques for manufacturers will surely drive traffic to your website but with no techniques to convert this traffic, your website is just a good showcase of your business. Properly designed landing pages and CTAs will convince your visitors to inquire about your products or services.


Not sure where to start? At Evincera, we create a landing page strategy according to your business requirements and needs.


Quick Takeaway:


Never let any prospective visitor leave your page without letting them take some type of action. Be them your images or text-based CTAs in your pages, make them turn into your paying customers.


Get yourself found first


Now that keyword strategy, content, SEO, and marketing efforts play an important role in ranking you higher and getting you found easily. But having your brand found first is equally important. Continuous SEO efforts and a strong content marketing strategy will help you rank faster and higher. Always remember that the first 10 results and the first 3 results get the most clicks. For the manufacturing industry, getting ranked for particular keywords is a bit challenging. But with Evincera’s keyword strategy and inbound marketing practices will ensure you better rankings.


Lead Generation


With an inbound marketing strategy, your website can be a lead generation machine and all this depends on how much you emphasize on your lead generation campaigns. Your landing pages will play a crucial role here. They are the primary face of your business to your clients and thus, they need to be stronger, attractive, and engaging. Your landing pages will help you collect your prospects’ information. Your landing pages will also help to catch leads through other vehicles in your marketing bandwagon i.e. email marketing, social media, and PPC ads.




Once your prospects leave their information on your website, are you going to leave them hanging? You need to take follow-ups fast. Inbound marketing comes to success once you nurture your leads. Especially for manufacturing companies, you need to be prepared with marketing collaterals, product history, case studies, and testimonials to convince your lead to partner with you for contracts, orders and more.


Incorporate your contacts using personalization to make your leads feel unique and special. Tailor your communication to get early results.


Tidal Wave


Manufacturing brands are getting aware of the importance of inbound marketing over traditional ways of marketing. With getting found easily, generating leads, and positioning your business and employees as industry experts, inbound marketing is important for increasing ROI.


Are you ready to create a marketing plan to beat your competition for the next few years? Inbound is the way. Create content that appeals to your dream customers, attract qualified prospects to your brand, and keep them coming back again and again.


Looking for more inbound details? Get in touch with Evincera and we will help you transform the way you handle your business and promote your products. You are just one click away.

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