The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Generate Leads for Real Estate with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Generate Leads for Real Estate with Digital Marketing

Since last few years, digital marketing is playing a key role in the advertising and branding of many brands. Other than edifying the brand image, stepping into the digital marketing world also helps in reaching the targeted market which, in turn, assists in generating more leads and promoting sales.


A popular industry that has tried, proved and achieved awesome business growth with digital marketing is Real Estate and there has more came with 2018. The last decade has experienced the most for real estate activity in the online field. Many of the property buyers and sellers or builders do a thorough research online right before they are making the purchase or sale of their property offline. Hence, ensuring you have a robust online presence is important to create your brand name and make it stand it out in the real estate game. And at this point, real estate digital marketing services come in handy.


So if you are one of the real estate business owners or if you are interested in real estate business and envisioning the future of this field, here is an ultimate cheatsheet to generate leads for real estate from Evincera, a full-time property marketing agency. Here, we are going to explain to you how digital marketing changes the real estate game totally.


Don’t worry, we are not going to fake you off like any other real estate blogs, but we are going to show you how exactly how digital marketing is going to help you expand the real estate business.



1. Local Keywords


A majority of home buyers begin their research with a local keyword phrase, like “Pune realtors.”
In many cases, many of the realtors serve multiple cities and regions. However, when you start your website, focus on the main region you are doing business first. From there, build out silos that target other areas.
Remember, the more targeted real estate website is, it’s better.


2. Keep Blogging


There is little doubt a few key properties that the agent is especially motivated to market. a way to seal some continuous traffic to your website for those specific properties is to write down blog posts. Every blog post should target a particular property’s address, which prospective home buyers will be looking for using Google. The address becomes the keyword.


3. Use Photos and Videos


Photos and videos are key engagement objects on all websites; however, this can be very true of a real estate website. Who doesn’t love watching a video of a home tour of the interior of their prospective new homes. In addition to video tours, consider capturing testimonials on video, too.


4. Go Mobile


Around 90% of home buyers run their search for homes on mobiles. A mobile app can be an additional perk. Most of the buyers tend to search for their homes on mobile devices using the apps. If you are on the app platform, you can reach more people than you have ever imagined.


5. Social Media


When it involves consumer relations, social media is a good way to begin relationships or strengthen existing ones. A real estate developer with a lively social media presence gets a position to interact with clients where they are every day: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and/or Instagram. Do your analysis and conclude where your target clients are most active socially.

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