Tight on budget? Here’s How You Can Promote your eCommerce store online…

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Tight on budget? Here’s How You Can Promote your eCommerce store online…

Having a limited budget for your eCommerce marketing doesn’t mean you have to be frustrated and stay behind the competition.


Having a limited budget for your eCommerce marketing can never be your downfall when you are selling products online. You just need to be working on the methods available for you that suit your budget and bring you more sales.


You will ask, whether is it really possible? 


Through the right digital marketing efforts, it’s all possible for your eCommerce store to soar new heights and sell more products as long as you an inventory ready.


Even though you have higher funding for your eCommerce store, it won’t be a wise idea to dump every penny on the marketing efforts.


So, what choice you have in eCommerce digital marketing that is pocket-friendly?


Budgeted eCommerce store could be a risky investment but with tactics from eCommerce SEO services & eCommerce content marketing, you can be on the top of your prime competitors in no time. All you have to do is bring more traffic that too in an organic manner.


Bringing more traffic means a lot to your online selling business. Traffic brings you more leads and hence more sales.


But when you are just starting, you don’t need to focus on sales but on driving more traffic to your website.


Once you free yourself with the idea of just bringing sales, your mind will be free to play with the creative ideas on how you can bring and drive more traffic in organic ways.


Organic is always best and favorable for your eCommerce store bring in more traffic. And that’s what SEO for eCommerce website helps you with.


Organic traffic is better than the ones from the PPC efforts. If you run the proper PPC campaigns, no doubt you will be getting more traffic and more carts filled but that might burn a big hole in your pocket.


Your optimized eCommerce store needs the rightful amount of traffic to increase your profitability and make it invincible in the long run.


eCommerce Content Marketing


Even if done on a tight budget, content marketing is what your eCommerce business needs to create a buzz on search engines. Other than creating a right buzz, content marketing helps you in bringing in traffic and business.


Do you want to raise your brand just like top brands in your industry like Amazon or Alibaba? Write blogs, create articles that help your potential customers and offer links of your products in these blog posts which will help them buy the products right away.


Writing articles and long blogs won’t cost you much if you are doing it all by yourself, you will just need to invest time into it and create engaging and beautiful sentences that hold your customers on your websites.


eCommerce content marketing is all about having patience for the right things to happen in the right ways.


By introducing common terms i.e. keywords used by your potential customers to find the products you are offering in your content will bring you the traffic you’ve been looking for.


Whenever you find the time, keep writing articles and blogs with the latest introductions on your eCommerce store.


Are you more comfortable with the writing or are you ready to try new types of eCommerce content marketing like podcasts and video creation? That might also help you get the right traffic on your website.


Tip: Write your blogs in a way that help you create value about the online store and not just the product descriptions. For example, write on how your products can help your customers.


Building a community


Another pocket-friendly way to promote your eCommerce store online is to build a community that lurks around your brand.


Your potential customers should be there when you need them and vice versa; how?


You have heard about the Facebook groups feature, join as much as groups suitable for your products. Post regular updates to these groups and gather your own group of people that love your products.


When you build your own community of people that buys your products on a regular basis, you can keep them attached to your brand with regular updates via creative content seeding like live videos, podcasts and offers on new launches etc.


Get help from your own network of influencers


Build a list of influencers that your customers like. Approach them with a list of your products and ask them if they can use your products and promote them in their own style.


Your influencer marketing doesn’t need to be costly. Micro-influencer marketing is easy in 2020. Having a minimal number of followers would be sufficient for your eCommerce brand. You don’t need to get in touch with the influencer that has millions of followers. Having around 10,000 to 25,000 followers can be a good start for your influencer marketing strategy.


Once you create a buzz with influencers, people will start posting their own photos and you can feature them on your social media platforms. This way, even if you have a tight budget for your eCommerce marketing, you can get advantages of influencers for your brand.


This micro-influencers fall in categories like, people who use:


  • Facebook


  • Instagram


  • YouTube Creators Platform


  • Bloggers.


Be very specific and careful while choosing the influencers for your brand. Some influencers might not be directly related to your products but can be relevant to your audiences.


For example, if you are selling bicycles; you can directly contact the cyclists but it will also be better if you choose physicians and health consultants to promote your products as Bicycles are directly related to fitness and lifestyle.


e-Commerce SEO


Now, this is the big game with more chances for your online visibility.


Implementing and optimizing your eCommerce website with the keywords relevant to your products will help you get more traffic via Google, Yahoo! & Bing like search engines.


The content also plays an important role in the making of your eCommerce SEO strategy. Try to write as much content as you can on your actual web pages; content on product pages is good but there can be other webpages on your websites where your customers can land. These pages can be your blogs, sections where you explain how to use your products, guides, e-Books, etc.


Just don’t cannibalize keywords in the content you are creating and keep the tone normal and natural.


You can use simple tools to find keywords used by your competitors which can help you beat them in the competition if you have any.


eCommerce SEO strategy also helps your product pages to rank faster.  


Optimizing every product page with both on-page and off-page SEO tactics once you create it for your website will help your SEO efforts to double or even triple. Implementing SEO techniques from the root level is always beneficial because you start appearing in the search results from Day 1 of the launch of your online eCommerce store.


Other than just content and on-page activities, your link building and URL structuring should also be strong.


So, if you are brave enough, you can start implementing these easy steps for your eCommerce store or you can always rely on someone who is known for boosting online sales with proven eCommerce digital marketing services.


Contact our specialized and eCommerce-Ready SEO team at Evincera: info@evincera.com and we will discuss your next eCommerce marketing strategy.

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