Why Does Google Penalize You?

Understanding Google Penalty

Why Does Google Penalize You?

The word Penalty in Digital Marketing Service world is like a nightmare for everyone that comes across with it. Penalty is considered to be one the notorious SEO Mistakes and everyone fears of this thing and everyone is trying to keep themselves out of it. We at Evincera think that getting penalized by Google damages the overall performance of the brand and we have some special solution to avoid you getting penalized.


First, it’s important to understand what Google Penalties are.

Since December 2000, Google has been dynamical with its ranking algorithms. That’s the exact time when they launched their toolbar extension. This extension now represents a revolutionary face of an SEO industry that we see today.

Since then, Google has been changing its standard of the search results. Gradually, they began to eliminate and ban the poor quality content and elevate only nice things to the highest of the Search Engine Results Pages. Now, this is where word ‘penalty’ comes in.


How to identify penalties?

Google penalties are two types, an automatic or manual. You are given warnings in Manual penalties but in Automatic Penalties, which are also known as algorithmic penalties you won’t get this chance all the times. Algorithmic penalties always surprise even the experienced SEO experts.


Here are our findings on how Google can penalize you and a special advice from Evincera on how to avoid them.

Here are some main reasons Google might take issue with your website. In short, these are the factors that can lead Google to penalize you.


  • Link Buying: Some people always rely on buying links and they never face any issues with that but be careful, buying bad links and in large quantities would get you caught and land you in the banned zone for a long time. This is a crime which can be seen as an attempt to alter the PageRank. Always try to concentrate on Quality and genuine Link Building.


  • Copied Content: This one is popular and everyone has a good knowledge and experience about using duplicate content on their websites. Always use the unique and well-versed content. Get a professional writer and editor for content optimization of your site and always try to avoid automated tools to create new content.


  • Lots of H1 Tags: Well structured content always favors with SEO. The H1 tags help Google to understand the page’s overview. Always try to avoid excessive usage of H1 tags because Google may think it as an attempt to pump the listing with keywords.


  • 404s: Your website should be strong and without any errors or problems. Internal 404 errors show that your users are not getting the proper information they are seeking. Always try to tend to your content and maintain your website properly.


  • Keyword Manipulation: Keyword density is always to be taken care of. Google knows that poorly written content is always stuffed with keywords. So, always try to deliver fresh and new content with the appropriate amount of keywords.


At the end of the day, we are here to get more business in a faithful manner. So always try to get your website SEO analyzed for SEO issues by an expert. Call us today to know how to maintain your rankings and avoid getting penalized by Google.

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