Here’s Why a Detailed Digital Marketing Audit Adds Meaning to Your Business

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Here’s Why a Detailed Digital Marketing Audit Adds Meaning to Your Business

Getting your facts clear before you directly jump to the implementation could be a fatal attempt at your amazing marketing efforts. A digital marketing audit comes to your assistance at the right time, saving you both time and money.


Are you willing to save money on your next digital marketing campaign? If yes, then this article is meant for you.


Since most of the businesses have halted their operation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing some insights into our digital marketing services and how we are preparing for the future. 


A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive service we provide for businesses of all sizes and here’s what it means for your business…


What’s a Digital Marketing Audit and Why Businesses need it?


An online marketing audit is literally the study of your current efforts taken on digital marketing. Since digital marketing has become the veins of your business bringing leads, orders, inquiries, or even footfalls, you need to keep them healthy. Your outreach strategy needs a refreshing touch every now and then to keep it alive and awesome.


A refreshed digital marketing strategy keeps your business visible, relevant, and attracts new business you need to keep your brand growing. It’s a practice that rewards you with faithful customers and keeps the costs of the efforts in the budget.


To make it all feasible, a digital marketing audit is in order and it becomes inevitable for your business.


Digital marketing audit checklist focuses on your current strategy, find the relevancy, finds the loopholes in it and provides you with solutions that you might implement by yourself or suggest to your digital marketing agency.


Evincera takes pride in providing an online marketing audit to dozens of international brands with this service.


Why conduct a Digital Marketing Audit?


If you are not happy with your digital marketing results or you are unhappy with the current strategy out of any reason or if you want to try out something new in your DM strategy, a digital marketing audit is meant for you. Some prominent reasons to review your digital marketing audit checklist for your digital marketing strategy are:


  • You are not getting any high-quality leads through your current digital marketing efforts
  • You are unable to meet your sales goals
  • You are experiencing a noticeable drop in sales
  • Your website traffic is reduced or deflated
  • Your social media audience needs more engagement
  • Your social media presence needs improvement – Both quality & quantity
  • Your click-through rate on outbound marketing is staggering
  • You wish to scale up and looking for a defined strategy to support your efforts.


An online marketing audit digs into each of your channels and defines a solution in a comprehensive report which will provide you a bird-eye view into where you are going wrong or which things you need to emphasize more on.


A digital marketing audit is meant to succeed in your business hence it takes a quite bit of time.


You need to invest once and enjoy the results for the rest of the period.


We recommend you choose an agency that provides every aspect of digital marketing in their services because they know every bit of the strategy and they can easily point out the problems with your strategy.


At Evincera, we know how to deal with paralyzed digital strategy and we come up with creative and quantitative solutions for your digital marketing strategy.


Read how Evincera deals with your digital marketing audit.


Overview of our digital marketing audit…


Running periodic digital marketing audit on your digital assets will help your brand by identifying areas that work and ones which need your attention.


We cover every digital asset you own and come up with solutions around them.


Our approach includes…


  • Performing an SEO Audit
  • Keywords Audit
  • On-page Optimization Audit
  • Off-page Optimization Audit
  • Responsiveness Audit
  • Other technical issues
  • Content Marketing Audit
  • Defining your audience
  • Social Media Marketing Audit
  • Taking control of your online presence
  • Paid Digital Ads Audit
  • Google Ads


Are you ready to take on your Digital Marketing Strategy?


You own your digital marketing strategy and we know you have invested a lot in it. The core concept behind this audit is to make sure your budget is defined in meaningful ways and every dollar you spend should multiply.


As we are all working & staying at home and thinking about how marketing spend could be lowered even after the lockdown and pandemic are over, why not get a digital marketing audit done?


For more information on how you can start with an audit, contact our digital marketing experts, and read about our resources on COVID-19 & digital marketing here.


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