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Building an eCommerce website or store and waiting for customers to fill in their carts, this scenario is perfect for a dream any eCommerce brand will have. But it doesn’t happen in the real world with real-world competition. You need to push your eCommerce stores in the places where they can survive, sustain, and grow.


The place we all know is search engines especially a giant amongst them, Google.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your eCommerce brand to get more visibility, more reach & more customers, and to get started with it, eCommerce SEO audit builds a base for your SEO strategy.


eCommerce Business Audit is our specialty and our clients love the service for many good reasons. 


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Why eCommerce Website Needs this Service?


You need someone to reveal the problems in ranking and offer you a set of solutions. eCommerce SEO audit checklist from Evincera confers a wide opportunity for your eCommerce brand to get visible for the search terms your customers are using to search for their favorite products and services you might be offering.


Unlike you, your competitors are using this service and you are not aware of it. While you are brainstorming on how you can tackle the competition in your sector, SEO audit for your eCommerce website lays a pitch for you.


Even if you have a robust SEO strategy at work, you might be lacking in many different ways which are colliding with your sales performance. We analyze your current SEO efforts and offer you a list of loopholes where your sales are dropping. 


How does SEO audit service work at Evincera?


We know how huge can an eCommerce website could be. 


Our eCommerce SEO audit service begins with a thorough study of your website to assess which solution could be used to optimize it for search engines in the most efficient way.


Based on our study, we offer you recommendations for optimizing your eCommerce website to boost its overall search engine rankings.


These solutions include, but are not limited to

Duplicate content Broken links
Dangling links Similar title tags
Duplicate meta descriptions Web copy editing
HTML validation Browser and resolution compatibility
Page loading times Error pages


All these solutions are recommended in off-page and on-page SEO audit services.


SEO Audit in Action 


How Long will eCommerce SEO Audit Take?


Depending on the size of your eCommerce website, our SEO audit project will take up to 1 week to 1 month. During this time, we analyze and study your website with our specialized eCommerce tools to determine the best possible strategy for your next SEO project. We also offer you a consultation on your SEO for eCommerce which might interest you.


A detailed eCommerce site audit report will be posted to you at the end of the project where you can see potential areas where improvement is needed.


Why Invest in SEO Audit Service?


Our eCommerce website audit service is meant for online store owners having trouble ranking for their intended product/service/brand based keywords, but are really confused with a big WHY? Maybe you are observing slow site speed but you arent sure, maybe you think content posted is duplicate but don’t have tools to confirm it. That’s where Evincera comes in!


Evincera’s eCommerce SEO audit helps you curb investment in repetitive SEO efforts which is financially helpful for your business. We cover right from essential on-page elements to off-page content analysis in this audit so you don’t need to run any extra audit before you start with actual SEO implementation.


To make your online marketing strategy work, you need to invest in the eCommerce SEO audit service.


Why Evincera for eCommerce SEO Audit Service?


We are a team of creative SEO guys with technical expertise. Since we started, we weren’t that aware of the detailed SEO plan before, hence after years of experiences, we developed our digital marketing audit service for brands. With the rise of SEO, our clients are asking for a plan before they start the implementation of SEO, so the SEO audit service. Until now, we have served more than 20 clients just for their SEO audit.


How Do I Get Started with this Service?


We are just a call and email away, fill in the form below or just contact us via email or phone call to get started with your eCommerce SEO audit.


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