Everyone is Talking About Voice, Why Your Brand is so Shy?

Evincera, a prime voice search SEO agency focuses on growing your business successfully with voice search marketing. Whether you need to increase your revenue, traffic or conversions, our expert team and voice search optimization services can help you reach your goals.

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What’s The Buzz?

About 30% of searches will be done without Screens and around 50% of the searches will be done through Voice only by 2020.

Long Live Revolution

They say, adapt or die! The craze of voice search has taken on a major part of a life since last two or three years. Still, the statistics tell the whole story. We are approaching 2020 rapidly, and the year says we are going to mark 50% of the searches through voice adoption. We need to take advantage of this feature and grow the businesses with hefty numbers.

Imagine your brand giving your customers a chance to discover, shop and get services right from using their own voice…there’s nothing like it. If you take care of your customers using this simple technique, we guarantee, they are going to stick you for a longer time.

What’s exactly in it?

Voice search optimization services focus on increasing your online visibility for friendly voice search results by earning the featured snippet – more on these two features in a bit. By improving your online voice search visibility, voice search SEO is going to help to your bottom line, helping your company grow.

How does it work?

Using a robust voice marketing strategy, you are going to stand apart, here is how.

Voice search is a revolutionary progression in internet search as it is going to improve the search queries as they are today. This means an unbelievable amount of effort has been put into making sure its utility are parallel to the capabilities of Google.

Conversation Searches are booming

Users now prefer talking rather than typing

According to Google itself, 65% of every voice search query is now delivered in a conversational manner. So, people are no longer saying ‘best restaurant in Pune’ but are asking, ‘What’s the best restaurant in Pune for a perfect date?’.

It is important that SEO tactics of brands should consider this and think about all the different ways that your business may be searched through voice. Not only what keywords are used but how they are used.

Evincera’s Voice Marketing Strategy

Having already helped develop search strategies for well-known brands, we talk with real experience about how you should be benefitted of the upcoming market opportunities and race ahead of your competitors. Almost every voice-enabled device owner says their voice-activated devices have suddenly become essential for them. The voice era is already here and there is a massive opportunity to grab before anyone else in your industry.

Our voice strategy consulting begins with an initial audit of the current market to grasp where the opportunity is exactly lying and how you can grab it.
That work generally focuses on three key areas:

  • Knowledge graph strategy
  • Local search strategy
  • Voice strategy creation

By working for these three key areas, we make sure that every path is covered in order to get an optimum approach to winning in this critical new channel – when you consider that mobile voice-relevant are 300% more likely to be local-based than typed searches, these areas are totally important to get right, to be the ‘answer’ Siri and Alexa are looking for.

Our Key Voice Search Optimization Services:

  • Voice Strategy Consulting
  • Voice Strategy Creation
  • Voice Conversation Mapping
  • Knowledge Graph Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization for Voice

Our Voice Search Philosophy

For us, voice is the next tectonic shift in the market. It is the interface computing always needed. But its development creates a huge change in how we need to market our products and services. Our content and technical solutions are designed to capture all of that opportunity. In time.

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