Medical Tourism

Digital marketing for medical tourism india

Medical Tourism

As an experienced practitioner in the medical field, have you been thinking of starting your own medical tourism and make it shine like the Sun?


Do you know medical tourism marketing has been helping patients, doctors, medical practitioners, and healthcare enthusiasts since the last few years?


The same goes for Medical Tourism business.


Your medical tourism business gets more sense with a perfect digital marketing strategy. People living in one country visit another country to have medical, surgical, cosmetic or dental care while at the same time getting better or equal care than they would expect in their own region. 


We know medical tourism could be both domestic and international and our digital strategy is made to bring both local and global queries to your business.


Medical tourism marketing brings people to your business with accumulated efforts of techniques like:


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management


At Evincera, we believe in numbers rather than just suggesting to you the benefits of digital marketing:


  • 73% of people in need of medical services rely on the internet.
  • 76% of local searchers tend to call the clinic/doctor/practitioner.
  • More than 40% of people believe in the information they have found through Social Media for their health.
  • 19% of Smartphone users have at least 1 health app on their phone. These apps give information about their weight, diet, or exercise schedule they should follow.
  • Research by Google suggests that YouTube watchers are driving business to the hospital websites.


Medical tourism marketing will create a brand for your business and here is our strategy you can benefit by:


Digital marketing of a brand is important to create awareness. This awareness and brand strengthening helps in bringing quality leads to the business. Medical tourism marketing would create meaningful two-way communication which will help your patients easily trust you.


The strategical online marketing approach will let them connect with the experts and choose the right treatment.


With Evincera’s robust medical tourism marketing efforts, create a healthy relationship between your customers and become a successful service provider.


Prominent features of our medical tourism marketing services and consultation:


  • An effective marketing strategy, get to know how your consumers behave, know their needs and requirements.
  • SEO for medical tourism becomes the right choice of digital strategy. It might give you results slowly, but believe us, it’s very nice for your marketing in the long run!
  • The content marketing approach spreads authentic and useful information to prospect, medical tourists, which ensure awareness of the business plan & patient satisfaction and ultimately creates trust in their minds.
  • Social Media Marketing will convey your message at the right time and invite them on your social media platforms convincing them to join your community.
  • Saving money is the ultimate goal of tourists while getting the right treatment. Online advertising plans out your business’ display ads, click ads by analyzing your competition and giving out the best deals to these tourists, pulling more customers to your business. These advertisements are highly targeted and limited to the specific locations you choose to get clients from.
  • Blogging through digital media ensures your success stories reach to the right influencers or tourists themselves that could influence their own thoughts and choose the right treatment.
  • The website management edge of digital marketing ensures your clients get the best experience from your website including details like services, pricing, and contact information.


At Evincera, we are committed to the welfare of the entire healthcare community through our services. We can grow your business by taking out your competitors, offering value to your business and establishing a point of difference by using your unique selling points as ammunition.


Get in touch with our medical tourism marketing experts now!

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