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A dedicated digital marketing agency for education businesses.


Digital marketing is becoming the most trusted platform for businesses providing the best in class education. Students, parents, and guardians are relying on the internet to find their suitable institute, so are you, as an education provider, missing on something very valuable?


Digital marketing for education can help your ideal students find you when they need you the most!


Why Online?


The online world is where your potential students and parents are living their virtual life; they enjoy entertainment, find information, share their thoughts and listen to people’s views on various things. The internet is where you need to play around and invite them for admission.


Online admissions have been a trend and it is the most trusted way for many students and parents. Still, there are people that prefer visiting the facility before they directly get themselves admitted. Digital marketing solves both purposes and brings you the best returns on your valuable investment.


Digital marketing for educational institutes helps you spread the right message in the right way to the right people.


Digital marketing has an important role to play when you need to attract prospects i.e. students.


What’s included in digital marketing for educational institutes?




Branding for an educational institute is necessary to create your presence on the internet, make students remind about you, and introduce you as a brand but with no extravagant commercial approach. Digital marketing pushes your brand online with a soft yet effective approach with beautiful words, memorable designs and accurate targeting.


Search Engine Optimization


Having just a website is not enough for your educational institute. You have to make sure it pulls out in the search results when your potential students ‘type in’ some specific queries. SEO works in-line with the search engines; it has a systematic approach for your educational website, where it creates content that helps search engines recognize your website when the students search for the queries.


It just doesn’t stop here; you have to get the links from popular websites in the education field in order to make your website more trustable in the eyes of search engines. Our SEO experts know more than just these things to make your website rank on search engines. SEO helps your students reach you in time with no extra and recurring costs.


Get to know our detailed SEO approach.


Social media marketing


Your educational institute needs to be social. It’s a call of the time. Social media marketing has been helpful to almost every business around the globe and even if you are not solely doing your business with a commercial approach, social media is where you will meet your next batch of students.


Unlike any other digital marketing agency for education, Evincera’s simple and straightforward approach in social media marketing helps your students get aware of your facility, makes them love you and finally calls you for admission!


Blogging and content marketing


Content is the fuel that charges both students and your digital marketing strategy when you are looking for better marketing reach. Regularly writing for your students makes them aware of the latest trends in the courses that you provide.


Blogging and content marketing makes your educational institute become a thought leader in the industry because people prefer one who writes better, isn’t it? Our vigorous content marketing team has writers, strategies, and thinkers.


The team will spread words about your work in a style parallel to your head of the institute. Let us take care of your content marketing and make the most of your digital marketing.


An effective digital marketing strategy for educational institute works with a cumulative approach of all the above things plus something more.


The team Evincera is driven by an industry leader, seasoned digital marketers and we aim at delivering the best in class digital marketing services for the businesses providing education. Let us add value to your institute marketing, are you willing for a FREE consultation on your next digital marketing campaign? Reach us at 

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