Digital Marketing for Hospitals


Science of marketing strategized for hospitals and clinics


Evincera continues to assist medical establishments by providing digital marketing strategies, consultation and implementation during COVID-19. We know you are working hard as always, we ensure your services are known to the accurate audience within. 


We are known for providing digital marketing services to healthcare professionals, medical equipment manufacturers, distributors, pharmaceutical companies and even healthcare establishments providing medical tourism services.


A comprehensive understanding of the healthcare sector has enabled us to guide our clients using customized marketing plans and providing ultra quality online implementation to promote their practices.


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Why use a professional hospital marketing agency?


The healthcare industry is a multifaceted and sophisticated sector with a set of compliance guidelines not present in other sectors. Effective hospital marketing needs robust industry knowledge to get results with practices like SEO, content marketing and so on.


The effective marketing planning and implementation gifts the hospitals and clinics with results along with ensuring compliance.


Evincera’s hospital digital marketing team is trusted and recognized for the latest insights into effective patient engagement strategies for this ever-changing marketplace. 


With our result-oriented approach in digital marketing for hospitals and clinics, we are regular consultants for top-tier bodies and healthcare establishments.


Scientific Marketing Approach for Online Hospital Marketing


We know you are an expert healthcare professional committed to the service of humankind. But when it comes to growth of your practice you need to understand how marketing helps your hospital or clinic grow. Digital marketing for hospitals and clinics needs investment but we are sure that our tactics bring back the right return on your valuable investments. Our holistic approach promotes your hospital or clinic making business easy for you.


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Evincera’s Approach to Hospital Marketing


Evincera’s team of hospital digital marketing includes experts in areas like web development, social media, SEO, content marketing and strategists.


Our approach to digital marketing for hospitals is way too straightforward; we follow a holistic as well as lead-based marketing.


Website Development & Maintenance


The website of your hospital is your online identity. More than 75% of your clients and patients search for a medical service online and once they come across your website, they can contact you easily. We can develop a whole new website for you or acquire your current website and make it digital-proof in no time.


Social Media Marketing


One might think, why does a hospital or a clinic need social media presence? The question has only ONE answer – they must have it. Having social media channels optimized for your hospital and clinic makes your brand more talkative and more human in the online sector.


SEO & Content Marketing


The technical aspect of website promotion that most hospitals and clinics miss is SEO and content marketing. SEO helps your hospital brand get more visibility, reach and leads on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We cover SEO in our strategy making your website appear on the first page. Content marketing helps your brand talk and spread information about your brand and practice through various channels.


Online Advertising


Cheaper, easier and more accurate advertising solutions from Evincera ensure your services get maximum audience and visibility through online advertising like PPC. We spend less to bring more leads in a designated period. Our PPC experts know how to handle your design and copy strategy for online advertising. Say goodbye to old school hoardings and billboards with Evincera.


Email Marketing


Continuously keeping touch with your past, present and potential clients & patients in bulk are easier with email marketing. Email is the most suitable and sophisticated marketing technique we use for hospital marketing. 


Marketing Consultation


Other than the regular services for great results, we provide you a marketing plan for your day to day promotional activities that enter right into your business goals and complete them. This includes CRM optimization and patient journey mapping.


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Why Digital Marketing for Hospitals?


Sophisticated and Straightforward


Unlike offline marketing, digital ways help you with reaching out to your highly targeted and accurate set of people. This makes it full of efforts but with great results. Digital marketing has no non-sense approach to promoting your practice and establishment with no hidden charges.


Scalable Solution


Every effort we take in digital marketing is counted and results are scalable, unlike any other marketing method you may follow. Every dollar has a perfect record of spend and results acquired with it.


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