Map them before you tap them


With Evincera’s logical & analytical solution to create a patient journey map, businesses are solving the rocket science hid behind better patient communication, better patient retention and better treatment.

We get into the depth of patients’ minds!


To treat them better, you have to know them better. That’s what we thought when we were designing patient journey mapping service for businesses like you.

Patient journey mapping helps you understand how patients behave when they approach a hospital or say a clinic throughout every stage of their care journey. The patient journey map catches all the necessary touchpoints of the potential patients during every stage of their interaction helping in creation of the strategic outreach which improves both engagement and satisfaction.

How patient journey mapping adds value to your healthcare business?

Building a healthcare customer journey map provides you with many benefits when you are spending time to deeply understand the process

  • Provide personalized experience to every patient by thoroughly understanding their demands, needs, and preferences.


  • Better know patient experiences during every stage of interaction with the health system, understand the gaps and opportunities to improve patient communications.


  • Match your business goals with ever-changing market forces that ensure the highest patient acquisition and retention.


  • Meet the opportunities to improve patient engagement through timely and targeted outreach efforts and boosts patient retention by strengthening long-term patient relations.
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What’s included in the patient journey mapping services?


The patient journey mapping service is concluded in various stages of the patient journey.


Awareness Stage


The patient analyses their own symptoms, research, think about choosing potential health condition they may have and the treatments for the same. They may even reach out to the various communities around them to get help.


Help Stage


The patient gets in contact with a health system for the first time, it could be via call, chat, email, mobile or direct walk-in.


Care Stage


The patient is evaluated at a medicinal facility (clinic, hospital, etc.)


Treatment Stage


The medical facility presents the patient with both on-site and follow-up care (dosage instructions, therapy, counseling, or recommended lifestyle changes)


Lifestyle Change


The patient follows some changes in the daily lifestyle and takes an active part in proactive healing to reduce re-treatment or to promote healthy wellbeing.


Ongoing Care


The patient maintains his or her care within clinical appointments; while, the healthcare system encourages engagement within the patient and practitioner to enable the patient to discuss signs and sustain good health

Who needs the patient journey mapping service?


Addiction Treatment / Rehabilitation        General Practice / Family Practice
Allergy & Immunology Hospice Care
Alternative Medicine Lasik
Assisted Living Mental Health
Audiology Neurosurgery
Bariatric Surgery Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cancer Care / Oncology Optometry / Ophthalmology
Cardiology Orthodontics
Chiropractor Orthopedics
Dentistry Otolaryngology / ENT
Dermatology Pediatrics
Endocrinology Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery
Gastroenterology Wellness / Nutrition

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Using patient journey mapping as help, healthcare professionals are crafting a strategic and personalized approach to keep their patients engaged during the whole journey. The journey mapping ensures you don’t leave any gap in between the experience you are pledged to provide. Ultimately, it helps healthcare marketing professionals to improve patient engagement and maintain long-lasting relationships!

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