Comprehensive eCommerce SEO Case Study for Online Furniture Store – Rainforest Italy

How we met…

Rainforest Italy is dealing with beautiful furniture like sofa, accent chairs, bedroom & living room furniture elements, etc. With an already set online store, Rainforest Italy is providing home delivery of hand-crafted Italian design inspired furniture throughout India.

Based in New Delhi, Rainforest Italy found us in Google search results while they were looking for a digital marketing agency with an experience of eCommerce marketing. Luckily, we have wide expertise in eCommerce marketing and proven success stories too.

The team Rainforest Italy came up with unique challenges

Initial proposal and SEO audit

Initially, we performed an SEO audit for the website where we came to know various issues the website was facing:

  • It was hacked due to which a lot of technical issues were present. 
  • Also, the website was not optimized correctly as per regular SEO guidelines.
  • Due to these basic things missing, the website was not ranking anywhere on the search engines and thus only a handful number of visitors.


  • The website was hacked and needed various repairs such as fixing URLs etc.
  • The website had various pages that needed to optimize for titles and descriptions including other meta tags.
  •  No tracking parameter was set up 
  • The website load time was high, leading to a high bounce rate.

Digital Strategies from Evincera for Rainforest Italy

  • We worked on a rigorous keyword strategy to find out the most profitable and competitive keywords for an online furniture store.
  • With our vibrant content strategy, we rewrote the website copy for all the major pages present on the website.
  • Technical SEO Audit, we fixed every issue followed by improving them for better performance.
  • Brand Consultation

Although the brand owners had a basic knowledge of how online marketing works but needed some discussion sessions on how team Evincera will be optimizing their website for better performance. As eCommerce experts, we needed to inform the client about how eCommerce SEO is a bit different than the usual SEO practices. Overall, initial to regular discussions were insightful for both of us.

  • Content Suggestions 

To perform well on search engines, every eCommerce store needs well-optimized content even though the scope is limited. Our content marketing team optimized the content for Rainforest Italy with our smart content techniques developed for eCommerce stores. A new blog strategy was created in order to bring valuable traffic to the website and expand online presence.

  • Content Marketing and Backlinks Generation

With our content marketing efforts for the brand, we achieved multiple quality backlinks with naturally inspired content for the brand.

Results for The Brand

Key Growth Indicators we achieved through SEO

 Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in keywords performance (Organic)


Currently, we are working on the defined SEO strategy for Rainforest Italy and expecting better results like always. Currently, we have seen a drop in sales in furniture items due to COVID-19 but it is on the track as always. But with new unlocks announced in India, it is seen shifting up.

Overall, the performance is better and increasing.