Healthy food

Digital Transformation Case Study for an eCommerce brand providing Healthy Foods

About Client

With enormous demand for healthy foods especially organic and natural ones, many brands are coming up with unique ideas of selling various foods under the categories.


At Our Client’s brand, the owners had something very different in mind when they decided to enter the digital market of gluten-free products.

Initially, the brand was testing its products’ popularity in the local retail markets, and the response was somehow sober. So, they identified the online market as a lucrative one and approached us for digital branding requirements.


Naturally grown Jowar, Bajra and Ragi are some of the popular healthy foods in Indian culture which are natural, healthy, and gluten-free. The Brand was planning to bring the flakes and products made with these millets and its subproducts.

With unique ideas, come unique challenges

  • The flakes of millets and its products were less-known at the time.
  • The brand needed a fully-functional website with eCommerce capabilities.
  • Attractive graphics including website design, product packaging, and other media was necessary to launch the brand.
  • Social media presence was necessary to create awareness on the platforms.
  • Content needed an expert tone in terms of medical advice, product awareness, and sales.
  • To bring the brand on search engines, SEO was needed as a threshold to enter the market.

Digital Strategies from Evincera

Overall, it was a full-fledged project for us that needed expertise from every aspect of digital marketing and branding.


Brand Consultation


Identifying the market challenges was the primary step for the brand which we achieved through market analysis, segmentation, and finding out value propositions. This task was handled by our expert business analysts within just 15 days.


After market analysis and research, we developed the client’s branding plan which included everything right from logo designing to product packaging, etc.


Content Development


The website content was designed with the help of medical experts and nutritionists as the brand had plans to support the patient community through healthy foods.


Social media optimization


Along with branding, social media channels were created and optimized for building a community, and SEO techniques were implemented throughout the process.


eCommerce SEO Solution


We had put efforts on SEO techniques right from the website development itself. The web copy was designed according to SEO practices along with the eCommerce store setup.


The brand received huge engagement through search engines for profitable keywords and keywords which were very difficult to rank including keywords related to the gluten-free segment.


Content Marketing and Backlinks Generation


The content marketing efforts were boosted once we launched the website and results were surprising.


Along with blogs, we also boosted recipes for the brand which started ranking within a month of publishing.


External third-party websites started approaching us for guest-posting as we were determined to deliver quality information and content which helped the patient community.


We received quality backlinks through content marketing and SEO efforts started paying off.

Results for The Brand

Key Growth Indicators we achieved through SEO


 Increase in Organic Traffic

Organic Data
  • Data shows the comparison between 1st July 2019 to 30th Sept. 2019 Vs. 1st Apr. 2019 to 30th June 2019.
  • The Above Statistics show the improvement of Organic traffic, Sessions & Pageviews out of All traffic as compared to the previous 3 months of the period.

SEO Tool statistics

Organic Traffic
Referring domain
  • These statistics show that there is an improvement in Backlinks & Referring domains(External links pointing to our website) that results in an increase of Domain authority.

Increase in leads (Organic)

Organic goal
  • The above data shows overall organic goal completion on the website.
  • We got good results compared to the previous 3 months.
  • Improvement – Changes in + 21.43% Goal Completions than the previous period.

Keyword Rankings


A separate community was built up

A separate community of patients with conditions like cancer, coeliac disease, and diabetes is the brand’s primary customers with people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle.


The brand started selling products online within just 2 months or so since the establishment and client started looking after the digital marketing themselves.


Overall, the performance is better and increasing.