GIS Software

SEO Audit Case Study for Global GIS Brand

About Client

The client is a global GIS leader with operations in more than 70 countries. With its innovation, the brand is one amongst very few to provide the most trusted technology in mapping solutions.


For its Indian operations, this brand is associated with Evincera for almost 5 years and we take pride in serving such a huge organization.


The brand especially runs its products and services for its clients spread in the B2B segment and their digital assets have a humongous presence on the internet.

Project Scope

  • Enterprise-level website 
  • Two different domains
  • Multiple landing pages
  • SEO strategy for the website

Problems & Challenges

Two different domains were overlapping each other causing troubles like..


  • Traffic division
  • Confusing user experience
  • Less visibility
  • Less number of inquiries and leads

Evincera's Analysis and Solution for the Problem

  • We ran a comprehensive website audit for the brand where two different domains were analyzed thoroughly for the scope of improvement.
  • Found a problem and solution for the different domains and how we can manage them to make website search engine friendly.
  • Previously website was ranking in the top 5 results for both branded and non-branded keywords.

Evincera’s Approach

  • Technical SEO suggestions were provided to the on-site team.
  • Domains were united in order to get more traffic and visibility on the search engine.


The audit helped client to find various loopholes in their ongoing SEO strategy along with various technical elements that were preventing them from ranking higher.


The brand continues with us for technical as well as on-page SEO suggestions.


Evincera is proud to have such clients on board where we can prove our capability and years of experience in the marketing arena.


*Due to a non-disclosure agreement with the client, we are not able to provide the name of the client and insights into analytics like data.*