SAP Gold Partner

Case Study for an SAP Gold Partner

About Client

A dedicated team of SAP consultants, this brand has served more than a hundred satisfied clients in industries like fashion, automobile, manufacturing, IT, logistics, and professional services, etc.


This brand has been into the industry with more than 15 years of experience in serving small and medium scale businesses with measurable ERP solutions like SAP Business One and SAP Business One HANA. 


Along with SAP solutions, the brand is known for its reliable services in hosting, cloud support, add-ons, reports, and dashboards. 


With a unique set of challenges in its marketing efforts, Evincera has helped this brand meet the goals in limited time.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the SEO strategy implemented for the brand.

Project Scope

The project designed for this brand allowed us to implement our in-depth SEO strategy.


  • A unique website with detailed services listed
  • Multiple landing pages

Problems & Challenges

  • Less online visibility
  • Less number of inquiries and leads
  • Unnecessary landing pages 
  • SEO not implemented by the previous service provider
  • Poorly optimized content

Evincera's Analysis and Solution for the Problem

Competitor research for the brand


We studied how other SAP Business One providers were catching leads our client deserved. We also analyzed the type of SEO strategy they were implementing to get more visibility even though the other business factors were not matching with their marketing efforts.


Brand research and analysis


We discovered how our client is different from the other players in this sector and how we can promote our client’s website in a unique manner to beat the competition.

Evincera’s Approach

Thorough keyword research


We drove an in-depth keywords research specific to the services our client was providing and various industries targeted for the inquiries.


Website architecture suggestions


The website was redesigned according to the products and services our client was providing.


On-page SEO


Through strategic optimization of keywords in technical as well as website content, we redefined the website into the search engine’s aspect.


Technical SEO


Technical elements of the search engine optimization were handled successfully to ensure the website is crawled in a specific time.


Link building


Link building activities were taken care of to ensure the brand website has top authority.


Content marketing


We redesigned the content strategy and with the help of advanced keyword research, we redeveloped the website content and promoted product/service-based content internally as well as externally to drive more organic traffic.


Conversion optimization


Conversion optimization techniques were implemented to get more clients out of organic visitors.


Measuring the success


A timely evaluation of our SEO efforts was taken care of various tools provided by Google and other companies.


In a limited timeframe


  • Organic traffic increased by 39.98%
  • The number of new users increased by 42.43%
  • The bounce rate reduced by 22.29% making it just 1.10%
  • Promoting various blogs gives clients the most organic views and leads
  • Conversion rate increased by 102.22% 


The client is now enjoying new customers with more business and they have admitted that SEO has been the most effective marketing method they have tried. 


Evincera is proud to have such clients on board where we can prove our capability and years of experience in the marketing arena.


*Due to a non-disclosure agreement with the client, we are not able to provide the name of the client and insights into analytics like data.*