BFSI Giant

Case Study for a BFSI Giant – One of the Fortune 500 Brands

About Client

This Brand provides technology-enabled payments services in the world creating better & sustainable opportunities for all. Connecting the common customers, merchants and financial service providers, the brand has a huge service coverage and equal online presence.


With its operations in more than 200 countries and territories, the client approached us with unique challenges in digital marketing especially in the field of On-Page SEO.


Evincera started off with a detailed strategy to address the challenges.


Here’s a quick walkthrough of the SEO strategy implemented for the brand.

Project Scope

The project allowed us a chance to implement our multilingual & multiregional SEO services thoroughly.


  • Number of Webpages: 1200+
  • Regions Covered: Brazil, Colombia, Central America, Chile, Mexico, Latin America, Argentina, Peru, Caribbean
  • Languages Covered: Portuguese & Spanish.

Problems & Challenges

Keyword Cannibalization


  • A particular keyword was ranking for multiple pages of the brand’s website
  • This made it difficult for the crawlers to determine the correct keywords for a particular page.


Irrelevant Results


  • When the user searched with an intent-based keyword, irrelevant pages were shown many times instead of the targeted page.
  • This led to higher bounce rates and more exit rate.


Low CTR due to Missing Meta Tags


  • Webpages were not SEO optimized. A large number of webpages were missing with the Meta tags like Title & Meta Description. It resulted in low CTR for the website.

Evincera's Analysis and Solution for the Problem

Search Behaviour


  • We studied the user search behavior for each of the given regions to provide intent-based keywords. Search behavior helped us to provide the best possible keyword match for a particular page.


Most Suitable Search


  • Our in-depth analysis provided the most suitable searches for the service or product according to the region.


Accent/Regional Touch


  • We took care of accents and dialects of the languages according to the region of the website.

Evincera’s Approach

SEO Keyword Research


  • Query-based keywords are mapped for webpages to get a maximum draw from intent-based searches. Long-tail keywords are included for maximum reach on the search engine. This, in turn, reduced the bounce rate of the website.
  • We provided unique primary and secondary keywords for every webpage.
  • No repeated keywords are used to avoid keyword cannibalization.




  • During the translation process, we have maintained the quality of the content with respect to accents, regional dialects, grammar, gendered words, etc.
  • We took care of the fact that the meaning of the content for meta tags remains the same even after translation.

Techniques Used

SEO Keyword Research


  • As mentioned earlier, we have followed the recommended steps from the brand’s advisors & internal marketing team while doing keyword research.
  • We have provided Meta Title strictly in the given length and size of SERP’s display pixels.
  • The length of the Meta Description is maintained strictly as per the standard recommended length of a maximum of 160 characters.
  • Proper CTAs are provided in the Meta Descriptions.
  • The placement of keywords in Meta Title & Description is done correctly as per the SEO standards to increase the CTR ratio.


  • After we started our SEO strategy for this brand, we’ve seen subtle growth in both organic traffic and leads.
  • Top profitable keywords started ranking #1 page of Google beating the competitors.
  • Increase in organic visits
  • Increase in inquiries
  • Website performance has been enhanced in terms of profitable keywords.
  • We had addressed some of the technical issues during the process which helped both the client and us.


The client is continuously in touch with the progress they appreciate and currently working with us for more than a year now.

*Due to a non-disclosure agreement with the client, we are not able to provide the name of the client and insights into analytics like data.*