SEO Case Study for Plastic Surgery & Medical Tourism Service Provider

About Prague Medical Institute


Prague Medical Institute (PMI) is a plastic surgery clinic with functional medical practice in Prague, the Czech Republic providing comprehensive plastic surgery treatment to people residing in European countries especially the UK, Czech Republic, and the nearby nations. Sound integrative health specializes in Nose reshaping, Breast enlargement, Liposuction, etc.


Here’s a quick walk through the journey of Prague Medical Institute describing how our digital marketing services helped the brand getting the increased number of visitors in the past 3 months.

The Challenge


Prague medical institute needed to increase their website visibility on Google for profitable keywords.


Here are the key challenges the brand was facing…


  • Many technical issues and no content strategy which was a barrier in getting consistent traffic on the website.
  • The website also had a poor interface and the design was likely turning visitors off instead of converting them.
  • The trust Building factor was missing to get regular inquiries.
  • The brand was not reaching to the target audience.

Evincera’s Solution


  •  SEO & Content Marketing




  • Since we started the project, we’ve seen steady growth in both organic traffic and leads.
  • Top keywords started ranking #1 page of Google after a website redesign.
  • Increase in organic visits 
  • Increase in page views


The client continues to work with us for more than 3 years and reap the long-term benefits of a successful SEO campaign.

Statistics for the last 4 month of comparable data

pmi conversion
analytics data pmi

Performance Improvement in Website


Website performance has been increased in terms of ranking for profitable links and the number of inquiries also increased to 35-45 per month.


All technical issues have been solved and increased in website health score.


Increase in backlinks for website from health niche sites.